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FibreAlliance Reaches 50-Member Milestone

Open, International Consortium Advancing Standards for Managing Storage Area Networks

Hopkinton,, Wednesday, August 16, 2000 - 

The FibreAlliance, an open, international consortium driving the development and implementation of standards for managing heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs), today added six Fibre Channel suppliers to its membership. This brings to 50 the number of companies working cooperatively within the FibreAlliance to make it easier and more cost-effective for customers to design, deploy and operate SANs.

The new FibreAlliance members include:

Adaptec, Inc., of Milpitas, Calif., (NASDAQ:ADPT) makes products and solutions that move, transfer, manage and protect valuable data that is the heart of Internet and e-business computing.

ArtStor AG, of Hamburg, Germany, specializes in highly available, platform-independent storage hardware and software solutions as well as individually tailored integration and performance-tuning services.

Connex, of San Jose, Calif., specializes in providing scalable, centrally managed network storage solutions that deliver coordinated intelligence to storage-centric environments, from the workgroup to the enterprise.

Nexsan Technologies, Ltd., of Derby, England, is an OEM design and manufacturing company specializing in advanced, Internet-enabled, data storage technologies.

ProactiveNet, Inc., of Alviso, Calif., enables online businesses to optimize their site performance proactively by providing insight into the business impact of the e-business infrastructure's performance.

Spectra Logic Corporation, of Boulder, Col., is a leading manufacturer of high-performance tape automation products providing mission-critical data protection for companies worldwide.

"SANs provide an effective way to profitably harness the exploding and often far-flung volumes of information companies need to manage, protect and share," said Don Swatik, Vice President of Strategic Planning at EMC Corporation, which sponsors the FibreAlliance. "But the full promise of SANs awaits standardized methods for managing SANs in a multivendor environment. Working together, the companies of the FibreAlliance are playing a central role in making these standards a reality."

Moving Toward SAN Management Standards

The work of the FibreAlliance has resulted in an engineering specification for building interoperable SAN management capabilities based on a management information base, or MIB. A MIB is a group of parameters, or variables, whose values define and describe the status of a network and its components. The MIB enables users to collect and display SAN device information and launch each device's management tools, such as configuration and control utilities. This capability provides a common method for managing multiple devices across a heterogeneous storage network. The MIB is the underlying technology for implementing a single, comprehensive storage management console from which storage administrators can quickly and easily monitor and manage the entire SAN topology.

The MIB is nearly complete. The FibreAlliance has submitted the results of its work to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the governing body authorized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for SNMP-based MIB standards. Currently, the MIB is proceeding through the review process of the IETF and can be viewed in its entirety at or at

With a goal of kick-starting the implementation of interoperable SAN management, 11 FibreAlliance members currently are shipping products that employ the MIB. The companies are listed in the section "About the FibreAlliance," below.

Upcoming Technology Demonstrations

The FibreAlliance has demonstrated heterogeneous SAN management interoperability as several major industry events, including multiple NetWorld+Interop shows and Storage Networking World, the industry conference sponsored by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). In the coming months a number of FibreAlliance companies will continue these public demo's by showcasing how the MIB enables their SAN components to be managed seamlessly in a multivendor storage network. For example:

  • Connex: N+I 2000 Atlanta and Storage Networking World.

  • EMC: NetWorld+Interop Fall 2000 Atlanta, Storage Networking World, HP Open World, and Veritas Vision 2000.

  • Emulex: Comdex Fall 2000 Las Vegas, Storage Networking World, Fibre Channel Technology Conference 2000, and Veritas Vision 2000.

  • Pathlight: NetWorld+Interop Fall 2000 Atlanta, Comdex Fall 2000 Las Vegas, Storage Networking World, Fibre Channel Technology Conference 2000, HP Open World, and Veritas Vision 2000.

  • StorAge: Storage Networking World and Fibre Channel Technology Conference 2000.
About the FibreAlliance

The companies of the FibreAlliance include Adaptec, Agilent, Ancor, American Power Conversion, ATTO, ArtStor, BMC, BROCADE, Cambex, Chaparral, CNT, Connex, Crossroads, DISC, Inc., EMC, Emulex, Exabyte, Finisar, FORTEL, Fujitsu Siemens, Gadzoox, Heroix, Hewlett-Packard, INRANGE, Integrix, Interphase, InterSAN, JMR Electronics, JNI, KOM, Little Mountain Group, Legato, McDATA, Nexsan, Pathlight, Prisa, ProactiveNet, QLogic, Radiant, SAN Valley, SmartSAN, Spectra Logic, Sterling Software, StorageNetworks, StoreAge, TD Systems, TROIKA, Veritas, Vixel, and VMIC.

Italic = companies currently or soon shipping FibreAlliance MIB-compliant products. For details, see

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