Press Release

New EMC ControlCenter Software Delivers Ground-Breaking Management of Enterprise-Wide Information

Provides Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Centralized Information Management Locally or Over the Internet

San Francisco,, Tuesday, October 26, 1999 - 

EMC Corporation, the world's leading provider of enterprise storage systems, software and services, today announced immediate availability of EMC ControlCenter, the industry's most comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use family of software for managing customers' enterprise information infrastructures, or E-Infostructures. Now, customers can monitor, configure, control, and fine-tune their enterprise information from a single user console, either locally or over the Internet.

Michael C. Ruettgers, EMC President and CEO, said, "EMC ControlCenter unleashes the full competitive advantage of Enterprise Storage Networks (ESNs) for our customers. ESN lets the use of information remain distributed, while the management of information ? its structure, availability, and security ? is centralized. This convergence of storage and the network creates a new model for information management by harnessing the awesome power of information, regardless of its location.

Michael Mael, Vice President of Applications and Web Services at PSINet, one of the world's largest global Internet service providers, said, "PSINet looks to EMC for the most advanced solutions for managing the business-critical information our customers entrust to us. EMC ControlCenter delivers a centralized window through which we will gain a new level of control over our information infrastructure. Once again, EMC software is setting the standard for information management."

Harnessing the Power of Information

EMC ControlCenter provides intuitive, point-and-click control of EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems and EMC Enterprise Storage Networks, including EMC Connectrix ESN systems, heterogeneous switches and hubs, and other ESN interconnect devices. Color-coded alerting, drag-and-drop disk allocation, automated performance tuning and remote management of business continuity capabilities simplify and enhance the flexibility of the ESN and provide for more productive staff deployment.

EMC ControlCenter provides open integration with enterprise management frameworks such as Bull OpenMaster, CA Unicenter TNG, Hewlett-Packard OpenView, and IBM Tivoli TME.

John Webster, senior analyst at Nashua, N.H.-based Illuminata, said, "As IT managers move to centralize and concentrate enterprise storage, the need for comprehensive, storage resource management (SRM) tools is becoming critical. EMC ControlCenter is the first application to deliver products that support a new and open framework for managing storage networks ? a key piece of the SAN puzzle."

Feature-Rich, Flexible, Easy-to-Use

The new EMC ControlCenter Console presents users with a graphical topology map of the entire ESN. Icons represent the ESN components, such as heterogeneous switches and hubs, as well as storage systems and servers. Simply clicking on an icon launches the product's native management software. Users can manage EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems, Connectrix ESN systems, and any heterogeneous switch or hub that complies with the open FibreAlliance MIB, or management information base.

EMC ControlCenter Console serves as the launch point for any of the EMC ControlCenter modules, such as Symmetrix Manager, which displays detailed views of the Symmetrix system and provides performance monitoring functions. Among its many functions, Symmetrix Manager enables administrators to set device thresholds for exception reporting, monitor Symmetrix component operation, and graph current performance for each component of the Symmetrix system.

Comprehensive Management Options

The EMC ControlCenter architecture provides a framework for integrating multiple management capabilities over time. Currently, EMC ControlCenter offers a comprehensive selection of optional software modules, enabling administrators to refine and amplify their enterprise storage management capabilities:

  • The groundbreaking Symmetrix Optimizer eliminates the manual task of storage load balancing by automatically monitoring, analyzing and moving highly active storage volumes to provide balance and maintain optimal Symmetrix performance. All this is transparent to end-users because it is accomplished while providing constant data availability and protection.
  • The powerful new Resource View module is the storage industry's first integrated tool for analyzing the complex relationships between user objects, such as databases, filesystems, servers and storage systems. ResourceView provides a flexible, spreadsheet-like GUI that provides IT managers detailed view of these relationships, leading to enhanced control of the E-Infostructure. Customizable views of the storage hierarchy make it fast and easy for database, server and storage managers to cooperatively and quickly optimize the performance of the overall system in terms useful to each administrator.
  • Symmetrix Database Tuner, also new, provides proactive, GUI-based storage tuning capabilities to optimize the performance of Symmetrix-based Oracle databases. By instantly combining information from all three critical sources ? Oracle, the operating system, and Symmetrix ? Symmetrix Database Tuner enables database and storage administrators to work together to efficiently isolate the source of resource-consuming bottlenecks and rapidly take action to remove the bottleneck before it affects the business.
  • In a world where business runs on Internet time, IT managers can't rely on guesswork when planning, for example, how much storage capacity 25 corporate departments might need 12 months from now. The ControlCenter Workload Analyzer module collects, graphs, analyzes, and archives storage capacity and performance data to help administrators forecast needs and configure ESNs accordingly.
  • SRDF/TimeFinder Manager provides local and, for the first time, remote monitoring and control of Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) and EMC TimeFinder, EMC's industry-leading solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Symmetrix Disk Reallocation provides fast, easy drag-and-drop movement of storage volumes between servers to quickly and proactively deal with changing business requirements.

EMC ControlCenter supports a wide range of UNIX and Windows NT systems, including Bull, Compaq, HP, IBM, NCR, NEC, Sequent, Siemens, SGI, Sun and Unisys, and industry-standard Windows 95/98, Windows NT, UNIX Motif, and Java-based Web browsers.

EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 company based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is the world's technology and market leader in the rapidly growing market for intelligent enterprise storage systems, software and services. The company's products store, retrieve, manage, protect and share information from all major computing environments, including UNIX, Windows NT and mainframe platforms. The company has offices worldwide, trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EMC, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. For further information about EMC and its storage solutions, EMC's corporate web site can be accessed at