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EMC Delivers Enterprise-Level Business Continuity to AS/400 Systems

EMC CopyPoint Software Virtually Eliminates Downtime for AS/400 Environments

Hopkinton,, Thursday, May 13, 1999 - 

EMC Corporation today further extended the connectivity and flexibility of its Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems with the introduction of EMC CopyPoint software. The new offering extends EMC's industry leading business continuity capabilities to AS/400 environments. By allowing AS/400 systems to read secondary copies of production system data, CopyPoint enables customers to take greater advantage of EMC's premier business continuity software: EMC TimeFinder and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF).

"The ability to conduct business around the clock has become essential to compete in today's global marketplace," said Bob Dutkowsky, EMC's Executive Vice President, Markets and Channels. "Customers can now rely on EMC Enterprise Storage to further leverage their AS/400 information resources and ensure that planned procedures and potential interruptions do not hinder revenue generating operations."

With EMC CopyPoint software ? working in conjunction with TimeFinder and/or SRDF ? Symmetrix Enterprise Storage provides virtually uninterrupted 24-hour by 7-day production level support to AS/400 environments. By utilizing multiple copies of corporate information, which reside either on the same storage system or at a second remote system, all AS/400 business-critical production operations continue while secondary procedures such as point-in-time backups, batch processing, application testing, and data warehouse loading occur in parallel.

Paul Morrison, Head of Product Marketing, Safetynet Group said, "After fourteen years of providing recovery solutions to Europe's most mission critical AS/400 environments, we are now seeing a shift from disaster recovery to a demand for business continuity. Due to the world's 24 hour work day, many companies can't afford to have their operations down for even a minute. EMC CopyPoint has made this around the clock availability a reality. CopyPoint enables Safetynet's AS/400 customers to take advantage of EMC's two premier business continuity software offerings-EMC TimeFinder and SRDF - to enable continuous information availability regardless of planned or unplanned interruption."

About EMC TimeFinder and SRDF

TimeFinder enables customers to non-disruptively create multiple copies of production data to be used for backups, data warehouse loading, decision support applications, application development, Year 2000 testing and other activities that require copies of data. By issuing commands from the host system, these copies can be managed separately and used to run simultaneous tasks in parallel with one another. Once the task is complete, the volume can be resynchronized with the production volume, reassigned to another production volume or maintained in place for another task. In the AS/400 environment, there is minimal disruption to the production systems when TimeFinder is used.

With nearly 5,000 installs, SRDF is the industry's most widely deployed business continuity and disaster recovery solution. SRDF enables EMC Symmetrix customers to maintain a duplicate copy of all or some of their data. Data from a primary Symmetrix system is "mirrored" to a secondary Symmetrix located in the next building or across long distances. In the event of a planned or unplanned interruption at the primary site, the data needed for continuous operation is available at the secondary site.

In addition to disaster recovery, SRDF also is ideally suited for applications such as data center migration, workload management, Y2K and Euro testing, and data warehouse refreshes. In each case, SRDF makes critical information available without disrupting normal revenue-generating business operations.

About EMC

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