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EMC Launches 2012 Sustainability Report: “Thinking Forward”

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  • The 2012 EMC Sustainability Report is now available and highlights the company’s approach to sustainability achievements and challenges.
  • Key components of the 2012 report showcase EMC’s continued commitment in three dimensions: Sustaining Ecosystems, Delivering Value and Strengthening Communities.
  • EMC continues to invest in a sustainable future to create long-term value for EMC shareholders in areas including employee engagement, supply chain, community involvement, eWaste management, greenhouse gas emission reductions and more.
HOPKINTON, Mass, May 22, 2013 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced the availability of its 2012 Sustainability Report. With “Thinking Forward” as its theme, the report highlights EMC’s progress made in 2012 toward its sustainability goals.  The report is focused around three dimensions:

  • Sustaining Ecosystems: How EMC manages the environmental impacts and dependencies of its business and value chain.
  • Delivering Value: How EMC delivers value to its customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthening Communities: How EMC reflects on the important role it plays in strengthening and transforming its communities around the world.

Report Highlights:

In 2012, EMC continued its efforts to invest in a sustainable future in order to make the company stronger and healthier, creating long-term value for EMC shareholders and other stakeholders.  Highlights from the 2012 report include:

  • Employee Engagement: EMC hosted the sixth annual Innovation Conference in 2012, receiving a record 2,200 innovation proposals from EMC employees in 28 countries. Since the launch of the Innovation Conference in 2009, many sustainability-related innovations have emerged. For example, EMC has identified and implemented employee-developed ideas focused on data center energy consumption, monitoring enterprise IT’s carbon footprint and sustainable packaging practices.
  • Supply Chain: In 2012, EMC developed a new spot check program to enhance monitoring of its supply chain, and created new incentives for suppliers to show excellence in reporting, engagement and social and environmental responsibility. To highlight top-performing suppliers, EMC launched the Blue Sky Supplier Sustainability Award.
  • Community Involvement: Recognizing the importance of local preservation projects on a global basis, EMC supports community-based digital curation efforts by awarding grants to local cultural institutions, archives or private collections. For the first time in 2012, EMC showcased the Heritage Trust project on EMC’s Facebook page, awarding grants to six finalists.
  • eWaste: In 2012, EMC partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund and InnoCentive, a global leader in crowdsourcing, to crowd-source ideas for tracking eWaste through the recycling and disposal process. Through this challenge, EMC identified three winners and is actively looking for ways to apply the ideas in the winning submissions.
  • Emissions: EMC decreased its Global Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Emissions Intensity per $1 million in revenue by 40% since 2005 – achieving the company’s 2015 goal three years early.  By doing this, EMC is able to mitigate risks created by climate change to our business and the community.

Executive Quote:

David Goulden, EMC President and Chief Operating Officer

“EMC’s commitment to sustainability is a pillar of our business strategy, and we are not alone on this front. More and more, customers want to work with a partner who shares a commitment to doing what’s right for our planet, the communities where we work and live and for employees. We pursue sustainability because it’s good for our business, and because it’s the right thing to do.”
Kathrin Winkler, EMC Chief Sustainability Officer

“EMC is a company that is always looking towards the future and focused on creating lasting value for our customers, employees, investors and communities. By incorporating principles of sustainability in our product designs, operations, and decision-making, we add value and enhance our resilience and agility in the face of global social and environmental events. The theme of our 2012 Sustainability Report – ‘Thinking Forward’ – highlights this commitment to a more sustainable future.  I invite all to explore it to learn about our evolving strategy, accomplishments in 2012 and the work still ahead of us.”  

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