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TWM Solicitors LLP Transforms IT Infrastructure with EMC

Law Firm Selects EMC Over Dell; Improves Storage Utilization by 200%, Deployment Time by 96% and Achieves Cost Savings of £15,000 Per Year with EMC VNX

HOPKINTON, Mass, April 11, 2013 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that TWM Solicitors LLP , a mid-sized law firm based in the UK, has chosen EMC ® technologies to transform its IT infrastructure, power its virtualization strategy and better support its commercial and private law services. TWM Solicitors has selected EMC VNX ® unified storage with EMC Total Protection Pack to consolidate and transform its storage infrastructure and help effectively manage its mission-critical applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, IRIS practice management solutions, BigHand and CRM. TWM Solicitors is also using VMware ® vSphere ™ for its 95% VMware virtualized infrastructure .

Customer Benefits:

  • Increased Performance and Efficiency With EMC VNX, TWM Solicitors has increased storage utilization by 200% and improved the speed and responsiveness of its operations and customer service .
  • Significant Cost Savings — TWM Solicitors has reduced power and cooling demands while lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs, achieving a cost savings of £15,000 per year
  • Improved Data Protection — TWM Solicitors has lowered its recovery time by 99%, recovering critical applications, such as Exchange, in just a few minutes with EMC RecoverPoint ™ , instead of up to 48 hours with its previous solution.
  • Streamlined Administration TWM Solicitors has simplified the management of its mission-critical applications with VNX, reducing time to deliver new IT resources to internal users with approximately 96% faster deployment of new servers.
  • Increased Data Availability With VNX and VMware vSphere, TWM Solicitors is able to efficiently manage its infrastructure and perform system maintenance without any service interruption to its client services.

Customer Challenges and Solutions

TWM Solicitors' legacy Dell storage environment was no longer providing adequate capacity and system performance, and the firm's IT department experienced difficulties meeting the growing needs of its internal users. To better support its customer service and ongoing virtualization program, TWM Solicitors needed a storage solution that could provide increased system performance, cost-savings and the flexibility to support anticipated growth.

After evaluating several solutions, TWM Solicitors selected EMC VNX unified storage with VMware vSphere for its performance, efficiency and tight integration with VMware. With its EMC and VMware technologies, the company has improved performance, increased storage utilization by 200% and achieved significant cost savings, including reductions in CAPEX and OPEX costs. TWM Solicitors has also been able to lower its recovery time by 99% with EMC RecoverPoint, recovering critical applications such as Exchange in just a few minutes, instead of up to 48 hours with its previous solution. Tight integration between VNX and VMware has simplified system management, reducing administration time and cost and enabling TWM Solicitors' IT staff to focus on more critical projects, while also driving new revenue-generating initiatives for the firm. Additionally, TWM Solicitors has been able to reduce power and cooling demands with VNX, resulting in annual cost savings of £15,000.

Customer Quote:

Alan Barrett, Head of IT, TWM Solicitors

“EMC's technology has had a dramatic impact on business performance. Our IT environment needed to move at the same fast pace that our business moves. With EMC, we were able to transform our IT infrastructure and move to a more innovative and agile environment. EMC VNX provides us with the scalability to meet future needs and enables us to explore new business opportunities, as well as deliver an entirely more responsive experience of technology. With EMC, we know that we have a stable, powerful platform — one that will support our growth in the future.”

"Because of VNX automation, we now have the time to drive additional value to the firm. For example, we have scanned 80,000 wills into our Microsoft SQL databases. Now, when a client walks in, we can locate their will in a matter seconds rather than days, as used to be the case.”

“Before deploying VNX, every time we wanted to run a new application we had to purchase and install another server which could take 2-3 weeks. We've been able to retire 35 Dell servers since implementing VNX, capturing £15,000 per year in power and cooling cost savings. We expect our VNX investment will pay for itself in less than three years.”

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