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EMC VPLEX and Oracle Real Application Clusters Simplify High Availability Deployments Over Distance—Up to 100 Kilometers

EMC VPLEX METRO Helps Customers Ease Transition from Single- to Dual-Site Oracle Real Application Clusters Environments

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  • Oracle has certified that EMC® VPLEX™ METRO in a stretch cluster configuration can provide Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) customers with an easy-to-deploy, active/active solution, as they transform from single- to dual-site environments.
  • Having passed Oracle’s rigorous testing standards, the EMC VPLEX METRO solution can enable Oracle RAC to be easily configured over extended distances while enabling simultaneous access to the same data at both locations.
HOPKINTON, MA, May 17, 2012 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that EMC VPLEX METRO virtual storage technology has achieved certification in a stretch cluster configuration, and can enable customers to easily configure Oracle RAC environments over extended distances—up-to 100 kilometers. This delivers Oracle RAC users with an easy-to-deploy active/active solution to meet mission critical uptime requirements—regardless of where the information resides.

With EMC VPLEX METRO, Oracle RAC can be configured over distances up–to 100 kilometers with simultaneous access to the same data—at both locations. The combination of an Oracle RAC active/active server cluster and VPLEX METRO active/active storage can increase levels of data mobility, database availability and performance over distance compared to traditional Oracle RAC stretch cluster configurations. Additionally, with EMC VPLEX AccessAnywhere™ cache coherency technology, customers benefit from a consistent view of data that is presented, shared, accessed, or relocated between local or geographically-dispersed VPLEX clusters automatically.

When implementing VPLEX METRO within an Oracle RAC environment, IT administrators now have an alternative to the traditional complexities of dual-site configuration. EMC VPLEX AccessAnywhere technology simplifies it all.


EMC VPLEX is a unique virtual storage technology that enables information in the cloud, public, private or hybrid, to be shared, accessed and moved within, across and between data centers, federating various storage systems into a single resource. Customers can achieve transparent workload mobility and availability, both locally and over distance, through VPLEX's simultaneous access to storage systems at geographically separate sites.

Analyst Quote

Brian Garrett, Vice President of ESG Lab, Enterprise Strategy Group

"Oracle's certification of VPLEX METRO's distribution of Oracle RAC nodes across dual sites is an exciting realization of the active/active data center. ESG Lab testing has confirmed that EMC VPLEX extends the benefits of a virtualized Oracle infrastructure beyond the walls of the data center with state of the art clustering and caching technologies. By enabling simultaneous processing at both sites, this combination addresses a key concern for users with mission-critical uptime requirements."

Executive Quote

Brian Gallagher, President, Enterprise Storage Division, EMC

"Enterprise users need the most reliable, highest availability solutions for their mission critical applications. EMC VPLEX METRO's enablement of extended-distance clustering is a unique solution which will benefit the large and growing community of Oracle RAC users—delivering an active/active data center. Together, the two technologies bring true high availability over distance."

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David Hicks, Vice President, Worldwide ISV & OEM Alliances, Oracle

"Oracle RAC provides highly scalable and performant database availability for all business applications. It is a trusted, reliable technology that supports our customers' most mission-critical applications. EMC VPLEX METRO helps provide a level of always-on availability and reduces configuration complexity for our customers in extended-distance environments."

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