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EMC Drives Evolution of Big Data Analytics and Business Agility with Breakthrough Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform

Delivers Game-Changing Combination of a Relational Database with Hadoop Processing and a Social Network for Collaboration Among Data Science Teams

HOPKINTON, Mass, December 8, 2011 - 
News Summary:
  • EMC® Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced the industry's next-generation platform to support Big Data analytics—the EMC Greenplum™ Unified Analytics Platform (UAP), combining co-processing of structured and unstructured data with a productivity engine and social network that shatters current barriers and enables collaboration among data science teams.
  • The new EMC Greenplum UAP fuses three Greenplum products into the industry's only unified offering to support Big Data analytics: 1) the award-winning EMC Greenplum database for structured data; 2) the enterprise Hadoop offering EMC Greenplum HD, for the analysis and processing of unstructured data; and 3) EMC Greenplum Chorus™, which acts as a productivity engine and social network for data science teams.
  • EMC Greenplum Chorus opens data science teams up to an entirely new way to collaborate across dispersed geographies and with very large data sets. Through the Chorus interface, users get ready access to tools, data and supporting resources that enable enterprise-wide Big Data productivity. Frictionless and rapid collaboration across data science teams helps to ensure useful insights get back to the business in time to take the right actions, thus increasing agility and innovation.
  • Greenplum UAP is the foundation of a data analytics strategy that enables organizations to be far more disciplined and proactive with their most valuable asset, data. Across sectors, it helps organizations achieve the operational and business agility (previously achieved by Web-scale companies) required to compete effectively in the era of Big Data.
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EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today unveiled the industry's next-generation platform to support Big Data analytics—the EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform (UAP). Greenplum UAP is a single, unified data analytics platform that is extensible to other tools and uniquely able to support the analytics process by facilitating the discovery and sharing of insights from Big Data, in turn leading to greater business value than ever before.

Like many top Web-scale companies before them, mainstream businesses are starting to catch the Big Data analytics wave, recognizing data as the key enabler of business agility—the ability to adapt rapidly, proactively and cost efficiently to changes in the business environment. Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools typically crunch numbers to report what happened in the past and why. In the era of Big Data, new technologies like the Greenplum UAP and the emerging discipline of data science help organizations achieve an unprecedented degree of foresight and business agility.

Top Internet companies have set new standards for organizations that want to reap the benefits of Big Data analytics by anticipating the future through advanced or predictive analytics and then rapidly turning that insight into action. The results include greater customer intimacy and responsiveness, highly agile operations, faster time-to-market and new value creation. Across sectors, companies are preparing to bring these capabilities into their organizations and start realizing the benefits of Big Data analytics.

Why a Unified Platform?

Due to technology limitations, many companies approach Big Data analytics as a "departmental science project." This prevents the broader organization from taking advantage of all of their data, systems and people – and its ability to become more data-driven and competitive. Leading organizations know that if they are going to keep pace with the fast-evolving data landscape, they must quickly update their business intelligence infrastructure with Big Data technologies and embed analytics into the core of every key business process.

Greenplum's non-monolithic approach to Big Data analytics leverages all of an organization's data—structured and unstructured—and includes next-generation tools to empower the data scientist and other professionals who are increasingly part of the data science team. In order to glean insight from massive volumes of data and take the right actions, organizations need to do more than handle the co-processing of structured and unstructured data. They also need to ensure that the people who work with the data are able to iterate and collaborate on datasets and be as productive as possible. EMC Greenplum Chorus meets this need, offering a single interface for all an organization's data together with virtual databases for exploration and innovation, and social collaboration for insight and analysis.

By providing the foundation for organizations to become data driven and develop a data-centric culture, Greenplum UAP helps organizations realize the full promise of business agility in the era of Big Data. Greenplum UAP will be available in the first quarter of calendar 2012.

Supporting Quotes

Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer, comScore
"We believe UAP will be transformational in the industry because it will provide a unifying platform for powerful and agile analytics. The seamless processing of the structured and unstructured data is critical to driving rapid innovation that is required in today's environment. It is the fusing of these multiple types of data at large scale that is where the magic lies to drive innovation and agility in business today."

Julie Lockner, Senior Analyst, Vice President Data Management, Enterprise Strategy Group
"EMC is leveraging Big Data analytics to drive business value for its customers and prospects. With the introduction of the EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform, they are setting industry direction giving data science teams a better way to accelerate the time to value for Big Data. All the components necessary for a successful implementation are available in Greenplum UAP. While everything is conveniently packaged in a single platform, EMC is also providing open integration and APIs with the customer's tool vendor of choice. The beauty is that they are not about locking customers into a single tool or technology stack. This, combined with Greenplum Chorus, makes the company's offer very compelling."

Scott Yara, Senior Vice President of Products, Greenplum, a division of EMC
"There's no mistaking it, the Big Data era has arrived. Everyone is talking about it, everybody wants to do it but not everyone knows how. We think that analytics are the key to success in the Big Data era. With the introduction of the EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform, EMC is delivering the keys to helping organizations extract the most value out of vast amounts of data and create more agile, data-savvy businesses."

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