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EMC NetWorker Drives Backup Transformation

NetWorker Users Are Leveraging Data Domain Integration to Create Next Generation Backup Infrastructures

HOPKINTON, Mass., November 15, 2011 - 
News Summary:
  • EMC® NetWorker® enhancements and integration with EMC Data Domain are enabling customers to deploy highly-effective next- generation backup and recovery infrastructures.
  • Panattoni Technology Group, a California-based outsourced provider of IT services, replaced tape and cut its backup time in half while reducing management time to "virtually zero."
  • A&N Media, a prominent UK-based media organization, eliminated 1,700 tapes and implemented fully automated network-based disaster recovery.
Full Story:

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced that EMC NetWorker enterprise backup software users are deploying integrated solutions from EMC to complete highly successful backup redesign projects. Dramatically faster backup and recoveries, simplified management, reduced local network traffic, automated disaster recovery, tape elimination and cost savings are among the benefits these users are reporting. Proven customer success is a testament to the continued enhancements EMC has made to NetWorker, which are enabling users to address their data protection needs with simple-to-manage, next generation backup and recovery solutions.

EMC Executive Quote:

Shane Jackson, Vice President, Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division

"EMC embarked upon a mission to integrate its entire portfolio of backup and recovery products when we formed the Backup Recovery Systems division 2 years ago. Our belief was that tightly integrating backup hardware and software would deliver powerful capabilities and benefits to customers as they re-architected their IT infrastructures to address data growth, virtualization initiatives and an increasingly intolerable set of management complexities. The integration of NetWorker and Data Domain products via Data Domain Boost software was just one of the initiatives undertaken. Today, with ongoing enrichment of NetWorker features and functionality, customers are leveraging NetWorker to create highly automated, disk-based backup and recovery infrastructures. These redesign efforts are enabling customers to slash backup times, recover data rapidly, and efficiently replicate backup data for disaster recovery using existing network resources. No competitor offers the level of integration or breadth of backup portfolio that EMC brings to the table."

Panatonni Integrates and Accelerates its Backup Worldwide

Panattoni Technology Group, Inc. is a California-based outsourced provider of IT services to Panattoni commercial real estate and construction companies globally. The company first deployed NetWorker to consolidate its disparate backup platforms. At that time the company was still backing up to tape and using third party tape management services that were proving to be increasingly troublesome when restores were required. As the company began to virtualize its data center environment, it called in four different vendors to present disk-based backup solutions that used deduplication and decided that EMC Data Domain® was the most efficient and powerful solution. Panattoni deployed its first Data Domain system in its European data center and integrated this system with NetWorker via DD Boost software. Shortly after, they did the same in their primary United States data center. Next, cross site replication between the two data centers was implemented for disaster recovery.

Today, Panattoni retains 320 terabytes of backups on just 15 terabytes of Data Domain disk capacity and its worldwide full backup window has been cut in half to just 12 hours. Time spent administering backups has dropped to virtually zero, and all aspects of their data protection are highly automated and centrally managed from a single NetWorker console.

Customer Quotes:

Kris Jensen, Director of Infrastructure, Panattoni Technology Group

"I cannot overstate how easy it now is for us to address our backup and replication processes with NetWorker and Data Domain integrated via DD Boost software. Management time for data protection has been reduced to virtually zero. In fact, NetWorker and Data Domain are now so tightly wound together that I look at them as a single solution. I've already recommended NetWorker integrated with Data Domain to peers at other companies because it's been rock solid. Everything is faster, with absolute improvements across the board."

Randy Forgeur, Senior Network Administrator, Panattoni Technology Group

"From NetWorker, I can create all backup routines, set up cloning tasks, and determine which pieces of data I want to send from our European operation to the United States. I don't have to touch tapes, or worry about backup quality. Also, I don't have to go to multiple places to see that my backups and replication have completed successfully. It's all on the NetWorker console. Twice a week I walk in, make sure it's set up, and forget about it. It's that reliable."

A&N Media "Boosts" Backup and Recovery with NetWorker

A&N Media, the consumer media company of DMGT plc., is a prominent UK-based media organization that is in the process of evolving its IT infrastructure to a cloud-based model. The company's IT group, A&N Media IT Services, initiated a complete backup redesign to eliminate tape, reduce costs, improve reliability and eliminate the administrative burden associated with more than 1,700 tapes. NetWorker was the one element of their existing infrastructure that they decided to retain. A&N Media leveraged their long standing investment in NetWorker to architect a new backup and recovery infrastructure that included a Data Domain DD670 deduplication storage system integrated with NetWorker via DD Boost software. In addition to faster, more reliable backups, a major outcome of this project is that the EMC backup and recovery solution enabled A&N Media to implement a network-based disaster recovery strategy with replication between two data centers in the London area.

Customer Quotes:

Grant Altson, Systems Manager, A&N Media

"The combination of NetWorker and Data Domain has delivered a dramatic improvement in our backup and recovery success rate, and with DD Boost software we've seen reduced internal network bandwidth consumption, because DD Boost distributes parts of the deduplication process to the storage node. Our old tape-based environment could not keep up with our data growth and continuing on with a tape was simply not a viable direction for us. It's great to see EMC continuing to invest in NetWorker and integrating it with products like Data Domain. The integration of the EMC backup and recovery portfolio has revitalized our interest in using NetWorker as a foundation as we evolve our backup infrastructure."

EMC NetWorker enterprise backup software provides seamless integration with the industry's two leading data deduplication solutions: EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar®. Integrating NetWorker with EMC backup and recovery products enables customers to extend the power of NetWorker to address diverse and evolving enterprise backup and recovery needs from a common management interface.

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