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EMC Sponsors ""Code for America"" Data Scientist Fellow

Kicks Off ""Making a Difference with Data"" Lecture Series; Initiatives to Power the Big Data Revolution for Shared Business and Social Good

EMCWORLD 2011—LAS VEGAS, May 11, 2011 - 

News Summary:

  • EMC is sponsoring one data scientist to join the 2012 class of Code for America fellows
  • The Data Scientist Fellow will work alongside talented web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs and, through the use of Big Data technology, serve as a civic leader to drive transformational change in government and city services.
  • EMC and Code for America also established the new "Making A Difference With Data" lecture series to feature insightful, thought-provoking dialog among the brightest minds in the Big Data revolution.
  • "Making A Difference With Data" lectures will be held at the Code For America headquarters. The events will be captured on high-quality video and shared openly on the Web.

EMCWORLD 2011—LAS VEGAS - May 11, 2011 - EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced its groundbreaking collaboration with Code for America during the inaugural Data Scientist Summit, held here this week in conjunction with the annual EMC World conference. EMC announced it will sponsor one data scientist to join the 2012 class of Code for America fellows and will establish, along with Code for America, the new "Making A Difference With Data" lecture series, where Big Data pioneers will share their vision and empower future generations of data heroes.

The unyielding growth of the information economy is a result of data-driven Web 2.0 and mobile applications, databases and records produced by government, healthcare and retail organizations, as well as everyday consumers. The new paradigm, dubbed "Big Data", creates new opportunities for exceptional organizations and individuals to distill insight from the ever-growing data stream to drive business and societal change.

EMC Data Scientist Fellowship

EMC and Code for America are recruiting one data scientist who is a passionate thinker and a conscientious doer. The candidate will be well connected within the big data community, demonstrating the ability to be a leader in guiding the future of data science. This individual will work side-by-side with experts to derive evocative information from the data deluge and serve as a champion for dynamic collaboration and information sharing. Deadline for application is July 31, 2011. For application form or more information please visit

Founded in 2009, Code for America's fellowship is an 11-month program that empowers talented web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the internet to make governments more open and efficient. The fellowship seeks to shape these high-potential technologists into civic leaders able to realize transformational change in government with technology. Out of a pool of over 360 applicants for the inaugural class of Code for America fellows, 20 stood out for their talent, experience, and passion. They are the first participants in Code for America's effort to help city government better leverage the power of the web. Code for America fellows are challenged to not only build innovative apps for each city, but also become the leaders of the ongoing movement to make government more open and efficient.

"Making A Difference With Data" Lecture Series

The new "Making A Difference With Data" lecture series will feature a gathering of the brightest minds in the Big Data revolution and include guest speakers from a broad range of backgrounds. These data practitioners will vary from developers, visual designers, researchers, analysts to community managers. Each will bring their experience and insight in making sense of the data opportunity and share their passion with the wider community.

"Making A Difference With Data" lectures will be held at the Code For America headquarters. The events will be captured on high-quality video and shared openly on the Web.


Jeremy Burton, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, EMC Corporation
"Code for America's fellows program is a marquis example of the transformative difference that one person, armed with inspiration and the right focus, can make. We're honored to sponsor a 2012 data scientist fellow and look forward to stirring up thought-provoking and insightful dialog through the 'Making A Difference With Data' lecture series."

Jennifer Pahlka, Executive Director, Code for America
"The potential of using massive data sets to answer questions that were thought unanswerable and solve problems that were deemed unsolvable could be transformative to our government, to city services and to us all. By sponsoring a fellow to focus on leveraging the power of data science, EMC has enabled Code for America to tap the potential of Big Data to build solutions that better our communities."

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Code for America is a new non-profit, and a new kind of organization. Our team is made up of web geeks, city experts, and technology industry leaders. We are building a network of civic leaders who believe there is a better way of doing things and want to make a difference. We make it easy and attractive for the web generation to give back. Working with civic leaders, we identify core problems, and then we recruit passionate web developers to create new kinds of solutions: light-weight, efficient, and scalable. Code for America helps governments become more transparent, connected, and efficient by connecting web developers with people who deliver city services, and through that process, we are growing the corp of tech-savvy citizens working to better our communities.

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