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Iomega Announces Next Generation of Screenplay Media Player Products

New ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player Lineup Brings the Internet and More to Your TV: • Access Netflix, Pandora and other popular Internet Entertainment Sites • Enjoy Videos, Movies, Photos and Music on the Internet • DLNA Certified for Streaming Content From Your Home Network • WiFi Connectivity and QWERTY keyboard • Freedom of Choice: Models With and Without Onboard Storage

SAN DIEGO, March 22, 2011 - 

Iomega, an EMC company (NYSE: EMC) and a leading innovator in digital storage and content management solutions, today announced the worldwide launch of the exciting new Iomega® ScreenPlay® DX HD Media Player line, a family of easy-to-use multimedia devices that changes the way you experience digital entertainment in your home. With the Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player, you can access and enjoy videos, movies, photos and music on the Internet as well as content you own – all on your own TV in full 1080p high definition.

The new lineup of Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player products is compatible with the most popular formats, including H.264, WMV and RMVB, as well as being DLNA certified for easy streaming with compatible devices on your home network. Other notable features include DivX® Plus™ HD certification for stunning playback of MKV movies, WiFi capability right out of the box thanks to the included 802.11n adaptor, and a user-friendly remote control featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy text entry of online links, websites and more.

The ScreenPlay DX product family includes 1TB* and 2TB** models for consolidating your digital entertainment collection in one place, and the Iomega® ScreenPlay® TV Link DX HD Media Player, which has no onboard storage but the same large screen TV experience with Internet content as well as your own digital entertainment collection stored on your network, or USB-based storage devices connected to the ScreenPlay TV Link DX model.

"With previous generations of our ScreenPlay products, Iomega has become a world leader in sales of high definition media players," said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega. "The new DX products represent our best ScreenPlay line yet, making it even easier to enjoy your favorite web-based content as well as everything on your home network right from your HD TV. Forget about hunching over the laptop or desktop to enjoy the Web or your own videos, photos and music. The ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player allows you to effortlessly immerse yourself in the Web from the comfort of your couch and your TV. Once you try one of Iomega's new ScreenPlay DX products, you'll never go back to the computer for your digital entertainment."

Features of the New Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player

The new ScreenPlay DX product family provides non-stop entertainment, including your favorite videos in your personal collection as well as all sorts of content on the Internet, including Netflix, Pandora and more.*** Users can relax in front of their TV, interacting with the Web as well as everything on their home network thanks to an easy-to-use QWERTY remote control. Practically everything you own on your home network and popular content from the Internet is now accessible on your TV with the new Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD product family.

The new Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player line incorporates a web browser giving users the freedom to view content from pre-selected sites and to visit other sites of their choice.****

Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player models easily connect to a television by HDMI or composite video and optical audio outputs. Users can also connect all of the computers on their home network, making it easy to store, access and share videos, photos and music across the home network or store all the files in one convenient location.

Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player Products - With or Without Storage

Iomega is launching the new Iomega ScreenPlay DX family in three different versions: the ScreenPlay TV Link DX, which has no onboard hard drive, and the Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player with either a 1TB or 2TB onboard hard drive for conveniently storing your digital entertainment collection in one place.

All three versions of the Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player are compatible with DLNA devices on your home network, as well as Wi-Fi ready (802.11n) for flexibility in placing the unit next to your TV. Each model features two USB ports for additional storage, making the Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player a networked media center as well as a centralized storage solution for the home.

With full 1080p high definition playback, the Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player supports virtually all of today's popular CODECs and file types, including H.264, WMV, MKV, DivX® and plenty of others.

Supporting Retail Quotee

B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio, a leader in photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging products for consumers and professionals, will be selling Iomega's new ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player products online ( as well as at its New York Superstore in Manhattan.

"Multimedia HD player products like the new Iomega ScreenPlay DX line are at the beginning of their popularity as computer users and others discover the advantages and pleasures of moving from the computer to the television to enjoy content from the web as well as all their own movies, photos and music on their home network," said Mendy Levitin, B&H Computer Specialist, B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio. "We believe the multimedia HD player category is ready to take off, which is why we're excited to bring our customers Iomega's new ScreenPlay DX product line."

About EMC

The new Iomega® ScreenPlay® DX HD Media Player is now available worldwide. The product is available in two capacities: the 1TB model is $229.99, and the 2TB model is $299.99 (currently available in international markets only). The Iomega® ScreenPlay® TV Link DX HD Media Player is also available worldwide for $149.99. (All pricing is U.S. suggested retail.).

Iomega ScreenPlay DX products include a 3-year limited warranty (with registration).

To learn more about the new Iomega ScreenPlay DX product family, please go to

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*1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes
** 2TB Iomega® ScreenPlay® DX HD Media Player model will be available in international markets only.
*** Iomega will distribute licensed software only. Licensor's standard end user software license agreement or on terms and conditions that are at least as protective of Licensor's rights and intellectual property and contains disclaimers at least as broad as Licensor's then-current standard end user agreement. Some of the other suppliers, like Pandora, may also have additional agreements.
**** Video content only available from pre-selected sites.

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