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EMC Extends Information Governance to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

BOSTON, EMC World, May 12, 2010 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the new EMC® SourceOne™ for Microsoft SharePoint which enables organizations to adopt a proactive information governance strategy for content spread across multiple SharePoint sites and farms. SourceOne for SharePoint delivers operational control, compliance and e-discovery capabilities without impacting SharePoint end-users. As a result, IT departments can reduce costs, improve system scalability and performance and ensure compliance.

SourceOne for SharePoint is the newest addition to EMC SourceOne, a family of modular, integrated products for archiving, compliance and e-discovery that makes information governance actionable. Support for SharePoint 2010 in addition to earlier versions will be immediately available when SourceOne for SharePoint is released at the end of June 2010.

With SourceOne for SharePoint, EMC is delivering a building block approach to help customers address their operational challenges. This includes reducing the costs of managing content in both active and inactive SharePoint sites. As their needs mature, customers can be confident that the right content is managed, retained and disposed off according to internal policies and external regulations.

The EMC SourceOne portfolio of information governance solutions also helps customers simplify e-discovery across multiple content types including those contained in SharePoint. EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon allows early case assessment and automates the identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis and review of content located in a variety of managed and unmanaged sites including SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, desktops, laptops, common Internet file systems (CIFS) and network file systems (NFS), networked attached storage and other content management repositories.

Key Benefits of SourceOne for SharePoint

  • Enhanced SharePoint performance and scalability and reduced costs. Customers can automate the removal of SharePoint content from Microsoft SQL Server and archive it to EMC SourceOne. This allows IT to proactively manage the proliferation of inactive SharePoint sites and all the content kept within them while reducing the impact of exponential growth of SharePoint content in the production environment. IT also benefits from cost savings associated with tiered storage management and reduced SQL Server backup windows and restore times.
  • Improved compliance. SharePoint content that is stored in the EMC SourceOne archive can be managed for long-term retention and disposition to comply with internal policies and external regulations.
  • Complete end-user transparency. Users can continue working within the SharePoint environment and maintain complete content accessibility. SourceOne for SharePoint Server leverages Microsoft's external binary large object (BLOB) storage application programming interface to preserve native Microsoft Office integrations, existing workflows and explicit document links.

Facts on Adoption and Use of SharePoint

According to an InfoTrends report, "Gathering MOSS? Revealing SharePoint Opportunities and Costs," August 2009:

  • The U.S. SharePoint market is expected to grow to $5.05 billion by 2012.
  • Almost half of medium, large and very large companies reported that they have SharePoint 2007. One-third of organizations with SharePoint provide access to over 90 percent of their employees.
  • Very large companies create 109 SharePoint sites each month. Total survey participants reported having an average of 213 SharePoint sites currently in existence.
  • 24.7 percent of SharePoint sites were currently inactive or not in regular use.
  • When asked if SharePoint was capable of addressing their company's compliance, privacy and security needs, only 28 percent of total respondents answered affirmatively, and another 31 percent stated that these needs could be met with certain add-ons.
  • As a percentage of total costs, survey IT participants reported that SharePoint server software and user licenses (32 percent) as well as servers and storage (25 percent) accounted for the greatest proportion of their SharePoint expenses.

Comprehensive EMC Solutions to Further Extend Information Governance to SharePoint

Only EMC provides the breadth of solutions—from hardware to software and services—to help customers address their information governance challenges related to SharePoint. These solutions include:

  • EMC Centera® content addressable storage, a purpose-built archiving storage platform designed to guarantee authenticity and support customer environments that require compliance with strict regulatory mandates.
  • EMC Celerra® unified storage provides a platform approach that combines primary storage with archive capabilities and file level deduplication and compression.
  • Next-generation backup and recovery solutions, such as EMC Avamar®, EMC Data Domain® and EMC NetWorker®, leverage data deduplication and disk-based backup technologies to help ensure rapid and reliable access to SharePoint content.
  • The RSA® Solution for SharePoint addresses the security, deployment and optimizing requirements that arise with a large, distributed SharePoint environment. The RSA Secure View tool for SharePoint provides customers with a hierarchical view of the SharePoint environment from servers to files within SharePoint sites. The RSA DLP RiskAdvisor for SharePoint leverages RSA Data Loss Prevention Datacenter for automated discovery of sensitive information and provides a snapshot of potential exposure within the SharePoint environment. RSA DLP Datacenter was further validated through the EMC Proven methodology and demonstrated to scale in a 1 terabyte live SharePoint environment.
  • EMC Global Services: As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, EMC offers customers innovative information infrastructure, solutions and services optimized for their Microsoft environments. EMC Consulting, a unit within EMC Global Services, works with Microsoft Corp. to develop and deliver services that help customers streamline deployment, migration and management of all of their Microsoft technology platforms. As a participant in the Microsoft SharePoint Server Technology Adoption Program (TAP), EMC is providing services for assessment, planning, and development that help customers readily adopt and migrate to SharePoint Server 2010, create social media platforms, portals and e-commerce systems and integrate with EMC SourceOne.

EMC Executive Quote

“EMC is committed to enabling our customers to execute on their information governance strategies. With the new SourceOne for SharePoint, we are providing them with a building block approach to address operational and compliance challenges related to SharePoint content without any impact to the end-user experience and value they already enjoy.”

– Jeff Bettencourt, Vice President and General Manager of Information Governance, Information Intelligence Group,* a division of EMC

Supporting Quotes

"The incredibly viral nature of SharePoint has brought increased productivity and collaboration to everyone in an organization. But because it is administered by the end-user, IT tends to lose control creating an information governance risk. The EMC SourceOne for SharePoint puts the control back to IT by allowing them to set up policies for retention and disposition thereby freeing up needed storage space and system capacity."

– Laura Dubois, Program Director at IDC

"We have many clients who have adopted and deployed SharePoint. Most of them are experiencing rapid growth in content and are struggling to maintain required performance levels in their SharePoint sites. The value that EMC SourceOne for SharePoint brings is in helping our customers drive down their storage costs while enhancing the performance of SharePoint by off-loading inactive content from the SQL Servers that support it. In addition, our customers can ensure that any content that gets moved out of SharePoint and into a long term archive is being managed according to specific retention policies."

– Mike Alsup, Senior Vice President, Gimmal Group

"For the past year, ICI has had tremendous success, through their information governance assessments, in driving EMC SourceOne deals to help our customers implement the foundation of a sound IT governance strategy within their enterprise. The majority of our customers are either using SharePoint or are beginning to implement it. With the new EMC SourceOne for SharePoint, we are able to continue our IT governance strategy by introducing information governance for SharePoint in our customer conversations. We're extremely excited about this because it opens up additional opportunities for us to increase our business and to help guide our customers' strategy for IT governance."

– Jamie Shepard, Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions, International Computerware Inc., an EMC Velocity partner

Availability and Support

SourceOne for SharePoint will be generally available by the end of June 2010. It will support SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3. EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon is generally available today.

New EMC SourceOne activity screen includes SharePoint archive
New EMC SourceOne activity screen includes SharePoint archive
SourceOne for SharePoint supports multiple content types
SourceOne for SharePoint supports multiple content types
SharePoint users can access any content through the archive search
SharePoint users can access any content through the archive search
Jeff Bettencourt
Jeff Bettencourt, Vice President and General Manager of Information Governance, EMC Information Intelligence Group

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