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New EMC Backup Offerings Control Data Growth and Increase Efficiency Using Latest Technologies

New Data De-Duplication, Disk Drive Spin Down Capabilities and Low Power Drives Help Lower Costs and Reduce Backup and Recovery Challenges

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (EMC WORLD), May 19, 2008 - 

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today unveiled a number of new backup offerings that help ease the burden that data centers are facing in dealing with the ever expanding digital universe. These new solutions, introduced to thousands of attendees at EMC® World, leverage the latest technologies including data de-duplication, disk drive spin down and low-power disk drives, and continue to help dramatically lower the cost of disk-based backup versus tape. EMC offers the industry’s broadest set of hardware, software, and services that meet the world’s digital backup, recovery and archiving needs, from individual consumers to the world’s largest data centers. 

The new products and capabilities include: 

  • EMC Disk Library 3D 1500 and 3000 – New local area network (LAN) backup-to-disk systems targeted at midsize businesses and featuring policy-based data de-duplicated backup, EMC five-9s (99.999%) storage platform and IP replication to help customers ensure availability, reduce the amount of backup data and meet off-site protection requirements without physically transporting tapes.
  • EMC Disk Library 4000 – EMC’s market leading open systems virtual tape library (VTL) now features data de-duplication, spin down and the latest high-capacity, low-power disk drives to reduce power and cooling by up to 47%.
  • EMC Avamar® Data Store Gen 2andEMC Avamar 4.0 – The newest versions of EMC’s next generation backup and recovery solution, featuring global source-based data de-duplication technology, provide a host of new scale, support, and ease-of-use features, including a doubling of backup capacity per system.  Now, customers use up to 43% less energy per terabyte backed up and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 25% compared to the first generation solution – and by up to 75% relative to tape.  This makes it easier to manage more information and eliminate the strain on the infrastructure caused by backing up duplicate copies of data on a regular basis.
  • EMC NetWorker® Fast Start – A new, simplified package of EMC’s leading NetWorker backup software designed for growing midsize businesses that cuts deployment time by as much as 75% and decreases the number of installation steps by up to 80%.  The software provides a single backup solution for one price, with one model, and one simple installation.

Norton Healthcare, the largest healthcare system in Kentucky and one of the top 100 integrated healthcare delivery systems in the U.S., is a large user of EMC's backup, recovery and archive portfolio. Sean O'Mahoney, Norton's Manager of Client/Server Information Systems, said, “Today's announcement demonstrates why EMC is a leader in the backup, recovery and archive market. They have set a tremendous foundation by delivering market and industry leading solutions like EMC Disk Library, EMC NetWorker and EMC Backup Advisor and EMC Centera.”

O’Mahoney added, “Now, by adding key cost-saving features like data de-duplication, spin-down and low power drives to an already robust portfolio, EMC continues to make it easy for us to be proactive and not reactive in the management of our data protection environment. EMC understands it's not one size fits all and that's why they've had a crucial relationship with Norton for years - and will continue to - as they help us transform and evolve our backup, recovery and archive infrastructure one byte at a time.” 

Lauren Whitehouse, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, “Backup poses a number of different customer challenges depending on the use case, service level requirements and what’s currently implemented in the environment.  EMC’s strategy of delivering new features like de-dupe that can be performed at the client through the backup solution stack and at the target storage destination will help them address a number of customer requirements where their competitors are left flat footed – either with no solution or a solution that isn’t tailored for a specific use case.  Today’s announcement emphasizes the strength of their portfolio and that they can deliver data protection solutions to customers of all sizes and environments.”

EMC Disk Library 3D 1500 and 3000 – New LAN Backup-to-Disk Platforms Leveraging Data De-duplication

The EMC Disk Library 3D (DL3D) 1500 and 3000 are new backup-to-disk libraries with data de-duplication, targeted at midsize, LAN-based environments.  The DL3D 1500 provides up to 36 TB of usable capacity, while the DL3D 3000 provides up to 148 TB of usable capacity.  Both systems use 1 TB SATA disks with RAID 6 protection and include optional Fibre Channel ports for storage area network (SAN) connectivity. 

All data de-duplication is policy-based, and can take place during the backup process or be shut off for a defined time period to speed ingest rates, helping customers tailor de-duplication policies to meet the needs of their different applications. Replication of de-duplicated data saves on bandwidth costs, providing customers an affordable and secure way to implement offsite protection and recovery.

EMC Disk Library 4000 – New De-duplication and Disk Drive Spin Down Options with Low Power Drives

As the industry’s leader in VTLs – with more than 245 PB shipped to 1,350 customers (through the end of Q1 2008) – the EMC Disk Library (DL) 4000 series is targeted at environments that require the highest performance for larger SAN environments. The new policy-based data de-duplication option allows Disk Library 4000 customers to maintain performance service levels for backups, while reducing backup storage growth and lowering the costs of backup data residing on disk. This new option provides an opportunity to increase utilization and reduce replication costs, making the elimination of tape more practical for DL 4000 customers.

The new disk drive spin down option for the DL 4000 series is free and enables customers to reduce their overall power and cooling costs in a typical environment by 19% by putting idle drives in sleep mode. In addition, new and existing DL 4000 customers can take advantage of the new low power 5400 rpm 1 TB SATA drives which require 32% less energy than 7,200 rpm drives. Combining both spin down with the low power drives in a new DL 4000 system will consume up to 47% less energy. 

These new features and options are backwards compatible to previous DL4000 models, enhancing investment protection for current customers.

EMC Avamar Data Store Gen 2 and EMC Avamar 4.0 – Increased Capacity Helps Reduce Energy Costs and Improves TCO

Ideal for VMware, large file servers, remote offices and other environments where the backup process is hampered by network or other resource bottlenecks, the new versions of Avamar help customers shrink their backup requirements while reducing power and cooling costs per terabyte by up to 43% compared to the first generation solution. In its first full year under EMC,the Avamar business tripled its customer base and is playing a significant role in EMC’s Backup, Recovery and Archive practice as the leading backup solution for source-based data de-duplication.  

The new Avamar Data Store Gen 2 is a fully integrated product consisting of the new Avamar V4.0 source-based data de-duplication backup and recovery software running on a new-generation, pre-configured, EMC-certified hardware platform.  Avamar Data Store Gen 2 is available in several models, ranging from single node to scalable, multi-node.  The new solution provides twice the capacity per server node of the previous generation.  For example, a fully configured Avamar Data Store Gen 2 can provide enough capacity to store the equivalent of 1 Petabyte of non-de-duplicated, traditional backup capacity.  Doubling the capacity per system helps customers use fewer systems, consequently driving smaller data center footprint and reducing overall total cost of ownership by up to 25% over the previous generation of Avamar and by up to 75% relative to tape.

In addition, the new Avamar software now supports 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and offers expanded client support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Microsoft Vista; Native Netware client backup and restore (Netware V6.5); and Novell Storage Servers (NSS) volumes on Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) SLES 10.

EMC NetWorker Fast Start – Full Version of NetWorker for Midsize Customers

NetWorker Fast Start is an integrated, packaged offering designed to simplify licensing, installation, and set-up for midsize customers. NetWorker Fast Start is ideal for mid-tier customers who want to start out with a basic deployment of an enterprise-class backup application – at an affordable price – that can scale to support other integrated features such as de-duplication, CDP, backup analytics and more.  NetWorker Fast Start offers one part number that delivers a NetWorker server (Linux or Windows), 20 clients, support for five applications modules for hot backups (choice of Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange, and Oracle), 10 TB backup-to-disk or backup to EMC Disk Library, 40 slot Autochanger, and 40 hours of video instructor-led training.

            Mark Sorenson, Senior Vice President of EMC’s Information Management Software Group, said, “Today’s announcement continues EMC’s momentum in the backup and recovery market, allowing us to offer customers both integrated backup and recovery solutions and best-of-breed standalone products.  By adding key features like data de-duplication across our portfolio, customers can eliminate redundant data, move more easily to disk backup, and strengthen the management of their backup infrastructures.  This differentiates EMC from other vendors who must ‘force-fit’ a single product across a range of de-duplication use cases.  As data growth continues to create challenges for customers of any size, the breadth of the EMC portfolio ensures that customers will have the right solution for their backup and recovery needs.”


  • EMC Disk Library 3D 1500 will be generally available May 28, 2008 from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC Disk Library 3D 3000 will be generally available May 28, 2008 from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC Disk Library 3D 4000 option will be generally available in July from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC Disk Library 4000 with spin down and low power drives will be generally available May 28, 2008 from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC Avamar V4.0 is immediately available from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC Avamar Data Store Gen 2 will be generally available on May 23, 2008 from EMC and its authorized partners.
  • EMC NetWorker Fast Start is immediately available from EMC and its authorized partners.

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Tiger Direct, a provider of computer and IT equipment, is a beta tester and early adopter of the EMC Disk Library 3D 1500.  Mark Pacetti, Vice President of Information Technology, Tiger Direct, said, “After reviewing a number of different LAN backup-to-disk solutions, we were blown away by the overall performance of the EMC Disk Library 3D 1500.  The way EMC has developed this solution – leveraging policy-based data de-dupe on the front end with an EMC CLARiiON® – makes a lot of sense as we need a platform that can provide simple and easy-to-use backup and recovery management, with the highest levels of availability.  We are excited about our continued use of this product and look forward to working with EMC on its next-generation backup, recovery and archive portfolio.”

“We are very excited about the new sales opportunities EMC NetWorker Fast Start brings to our business in the midsize and small business space,” said Jamie Shepard, Vice President, Technology Solutions at ICI.  “The technology, overall package and price point are very attractive and game changing to customers who want the proven technology that NetWorker offers but don’t have the resources to manage complex installations and configurations.  The default settings allow customers the luxury of set it and forget it, eliminating the need for a NetWorker administrator to effectively manage their backup environment.”

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