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RSA Security Training and Certification

Training for End Users

Security awareness for employees is widely accepted as a critical aspect of a security officer’s efforts to protect the organization’s brand and assets. RSA Education provides a number of solutions to assist you in educating your staff about cyber security.

RSA Information Security and Privacy Awareness eLearning
Interactive, scenario-based eLearning modules that equip employees to recognize the value of different types of information; to understand the scope, nature and origin of the diverse risks to information; and to behave proactively to protect this information in their everyday work. Complementary communication materials (tips sheets, articles, posters) also provided.

RSA CyberStrength
CyberStrength™ is a first of its kind cloud-based assessment solution that enables you to create, administer, and analyze the results of a custom assessment across several cyber topics to evaluate the strength of your users’ cyber security knowledge.  CyberStrength helps security officers measure user knowledge, understand organizational vulnerability to attack, and determine where to target security education.

PhishGuru Phishing Attack Simulation Service
A software-as-a-service product that assesses and trains employees with simulated phishing emails. Mock attacks are presented to employees, who are immediately trained on what not to do next time.

Anti-Phishing Training Suite
Brief, interactive, software-based training modules that teach employees to recognize and avoid traps in emails as well as how to recognize malicious URLs.

Cyber Security and Compliance eLearning
A cloud-based management platform with a library of software-based training modules on various security-awareness topics.

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