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EMC Technology Connect – Select


Virtualization & Cloud

Get more value out of your EMC virtualization and cloud solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect software products.

VMware vCenter AppSpeed

VMware vCenter AppSpeed

VMware vCenter AppSpeed helps to assure performance levels for virtualized multitier applications. vCenter AppSpeed measures the latency experienced by application end users and correlates that latency to the different tiers of the physical and virtual infrastructure. With out-of-the-box views and dashboards, you can identify applications that are worst performing, with declining performance, and experiencing high network error rates.

vCenter AppSpeed and EMC enable users to:

  • Identify application performance bottlenecks and enable root cause analysis.
  • Eliminate uncertainty about virtualizing business-critical applications.
  • Track application latency by its component parts such as infrastructure, network, and applications.
  • Create performance thresholds based on automatically calculated performance baselines.
EMC Interoperability Environment
VMware vCenter AppSpeed EMC Ionix Application Discovery Manager, EMC Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence, EMC Ionix Server Configuration Manager

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VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides disaster recovery management and automation for VMware infrastructure. vCenter Site Recovery Manager integrates with EMC storage replication software to make failover and recovery rapid, reliable, affordable, and manageable. This enables you to take the risk of disaster recovery while expanding protection to your infrastructure.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager and EMC enable users to:

  • Accelerate recovery by automating execution of failover.
  • Simplify the creation and management of recovery plans by making disaster recovery an integrated element of managing your virtualized environment.
  • Improve the reliability of recovery plans by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and enabling nondisruptive testing of recovery plans.
  • Improve compliance with disaster recovery documentation and testing requirements.
EMC Interoperability Environment
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager EMC Celerra Replicator, EMC MirrorView, EMC RecoverPoint, EMC SRDF

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