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EMC Select Technology Connect Program

Add more value with these EMC-qualified products


Achieve data security. EMC Select Technology Connect offers data security products that work with EMC technology to further protect your company.

Afore Cloudlink
Afore Trust the cloud

AFORE CloudLink® Secure VSA

AFORE CloudLink® Secure Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) provides multi-tenant virtual storage encryption solutions in virtualized and cloud environments. The AFORE partnership enables EMC to address customer opportunities where encryption of data at rest is required for EMC storage products.

CloudLink creates a virtual storage encryption overlay on top of EMC storage systems encrypting data at rest. CloudLink is integrated/certified with RSA’s DPM and provides storage encryption in VMware ESXi environments.

Key features:

  • AES-256 encryption of data at rest
  • Secure NAS (NFS, iSCSI, CIFS) proxy for both virtual and physical workloads
  • Secure datastore mode for encryption of VMDKs on VMware ESXi or VHDs on Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Integration with RSA DPM for encryption key store, backup and recovery
  • Vblock Ready
  • Support of VMware vCloud and Amazon AWS platforms

EMC Interoperability Environment
CloudLink Secure VSA EMC VNX, Isilon, VMAX, Celerra, RSA Data Protection Manager

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Varonis Product


Most enterprises store massive amounts of critical assets on file servers in unstructured form, creating risk when it comes to data governance. To ensure appropriate access to information, Varonis delivers comprehensive data governance with EMC Celerra.

The Varonis software suite links users and file server contents by data use, enabling the program to recommend and enact data access entitlements based on business needs.

This solution establishes the foundation for data governance, determining current data use and access patterns and giving IT operations the recommendations and means to eliminate overly permissive or unwarranted access.

This solution enables a company-wide data governance network, identifying data owners and linking them with users and access requestors. The result is a network for communicating access needs, determining access authorizations, and enacting desired controls.

EMC Interoperability Environment
DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege EMC Celerra, EMC NetWorker

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