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RSA Customer Support Strategy

RSA Escalation Procedures

To resolve your issues, RSA uses a four-level process, based on the severity of your case, in conjunction with automatic review.

Customer Relations Desk (CRD)

The first support level is the CRD, which:

  • Verifies your contact information, RSA support contract status, and versions of operating systems and RSA products
  • Responds to your license inquiries
  • Verifies software shipments
  • Records a brief problem description that’s used to select the most appropriate technical support team

Systems Support Team

For issues requiring technical support, your case is sent to the second support level, the systems support team, and is assigned to a systems support engineer. If your issue is Severity 1, every effort is made by the CRD to do a live transfer of your call to the assigned engineer rather than a call-back.

Advanced Technical Support

Automatic escalation to the third support level, ATS, happens in the following situations:

  • If your issue is determined to be a product defect
  • If your case remains open after a certain number of days
  • If an advanced product skill set is required to make timely progress on your issue

A formal communications process conveys the daily status of the most urgent issues.

Continuing Engineering

Escalation to the fourth support level, continuing engineering (CE), occurs if RSA reproduces a product defect or determines that engineering skills are necessary to quickly isolate your issue.

Product repairs made by CE are provided in the form of a hot-fix that is built on the most recent product patch.

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