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Product Versions Life Cycle

RSA Security Analytics

All EOPS dates will be reached at the end of the stated month.

BMT Product Version EOPS Date Extended
Year 1*
Year 2**
Upgrade Path
RSA RSA NetWitness Appliance Series 4 TBD No No TBD
NW NetWitness Appliance Series 3 Jun-2015 Yes Yes Series 4
NW NetWitness Appliance Series 2 Sep-2013 No No Series 3
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.5 TBD No No TBD
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.4 Sep-2017 No No 10.5
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.3 Nov-2016 No No 10.4
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.2 Jun-2016 No No 10.3
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.1 Mar-2016 No No 10.2
RSA RSA Security Analytics 10.0 Dec-2015 No No 10.1
RSA RSA NetWitness NextGen 9.8 Dec-2015 No No 10.0
RSA RSA NetWitness NextGen 9.7 Nov-2014 No No 9.8
RSA RSA NetWitness NextGen 9.6 Sep-2014 No No 9.7
NW NetWitness NextGen 9.5 Aug-2013 No No 9.6
NW NetWitness NextGen 9.0 Nov-2011 No No 9.5
NW NetWitness 8.6 Sep-2011 No No 9.0
RSA NetWitness Informer 2.0 Dec-2015 No No 10.1
NW NetWitness Informer 1.6 Nov-2012 No No 2.0
RSA RSA NetWitness Spectrum 1.1 Dec-2015 No No 10.2
RSA RSA NetWitness Spectrum 1.0 Jun-2014 No No 1.1