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Support Services

Personalized Support Services

Personalized Support Services allow you to tailor your EMC support to meet your needs. With our advanced support offerings, you benefit from increased support for a particular product, coordinated service events, and streamlined problem resolution. Many of the support services listed below provide you with a single point of contact who is familiar with your environment and will help you reach your business objectives.

EMC Personalized Support Services include:

Designated Support Engineer

Benefit from a designated product-focused support expert who has in-depth knowledge of your EMC product environment.

Developer Support

Get support for your efforts to customize EMC products to better suit your environment.

Extended Support

Continue essential break/fix and technical support for selected EMC products after standard warranty and maintenance coverage are no longer available.

Secure Select Support

Address high security requirements with remote technical support provided by U.S. citizens located on U.S. soil.

Service Account Manager

Add a resource who coordinates support of your EMC information infrastructure, drives proactive support activities, and accelerates problem management for the most complex EMC information environments.

Technical Account Manager

Gain a technically-oriented service and support contact, focused on a specific technology area within the EMC portfolio.

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