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Solutions for Oracle Support

EMC Solutions for Oracle Support help you optimize your enterprise deployment with expert support from EMC and Oracle. EMC Solutions for Oracle Support give you access to the Oracle and EMC Joint Solution Center (JSC), where you'll find both proactive and reactive support and services. The focus of the JSC is to help you simplify the complex operational issues that can come up with managing and maintaining enterprise applications built on the Oracle database and EMC networked storage. EMC and Oracle have invested tens of millions of dollars to create real-world demonstration and testing facilities.

You benefit from the close partnership of EMC and Oracle. We have open lines of communication, including a weekly support call to discuss customer support requirements and requested enhancements. EMC and Oracle have more than two dozen full-time engineers and alliance resources at each other's respective corporate headquarters, driving testing, validations, and solutions development based on Oracle and EMC technologies.

EMC Solutions for Oracle Support:

  • Ensure faster problem resolution by proactively identifying and eliminating potential issues with customer-modeled environments.
  • Simplify the design, implementation, and support of complex storage and database infrastructures through the joint development of best practices.
  • Help you deploy Oracle on EMC confidently, knowing that Oracle is deployed in an EMC environment first within Oracle Global IT.

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