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VCE Seamless Support

Get end-to-end technical support to optimize your Vblock solution from the Virtual Computing Environment coalition (VCE). Through their strategic partnership, EMC, Cisco, and VMware have developed a virtual support center, combining their expertise to give you fast technical assistance and response while reducing complexity in your support experience.

Access this seamless support experience through a single contact point directly connecting you to a virtual team of VCE solution technical support experts. Each company has invested in building a unique, integrated support experience using collaborative tools, people, and processes. Key elements of the seamless support experience include:

  • A unified inter-company collaboration tool
  • Joint problem re-creation labs
  • A single support experience for onsite and remote support
  • Cross-company, cross-product trained support experts
  • Cooperative Engineering Groups
  • Shared problem resolution and escalation processes
  • Documented processes via a best practice Support Implementation Plan
  • Common Metric Definition and Alignment

Discover the benefits of a seamless support experience:

  • Simplify your support experience through a single contact point directly connecting you to experts in virtualization, networking, and storage.
  • Access a virtual team of cross-company, cross-product trained specialists who leverage sophisticated collaboration tools to accelerate response times and problem resolution.
  • Minimize impact to your business operations through expert interoperability testing and troubleshooting.
  • Increase your solution availability, reliability, and productivity thanks to joint problem re-creation labs.

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