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Enterprise Storage EMC XtremIO
banner-text-xtremio.png EMC XtremIO for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) All-Flash SCALE-OUT storage array for improved I/O performance

EMC XtremIO for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) projects often fail because early results in pilot testing don’t scale into production or the economics of implementing VDI. With EMC XtremIO, VDI can be deployed using physical-to-virtual (P->V) conversions with an improved user experience while letting end users maintain control of their virtual desktops.

  • Best cost per desktop and solid-state drive (SSD) user experience – Today’s applications demand far more and anybody who has used a device with flash storage like a MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, or Ultrabook won’t be satisfied with a fraction of the performance of a single Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard drive. With XtremIO, we plan for 100 input/output operations per second (IOPS) per desktop with the ability to burst to thousands and we do it at a very compelling cost per desktop.
  • Simple scaling – Rolling out new desktops is easy with XtremIO’s scale-out design. You can support any VDI rollout from pilot through large scale production.
  • No boot storm issues – XtremIO’s real-time inline data reduction not only reduces the VDI capacity footprint by up to 10:1 but also makes boot storms a nonissue.
  • Rapid provisioning – Clone desktop images instantaneously and without consuming additional space. You can roll out hundreds of new desktops in minutes.
  • Best return on investment (ROI) – XtremIO not only reduces storage costs, but also dramatically lowers the costs of the VDI server infrastructure by enabling much higher consolidation ratios. XtremIO also enables fully persistent virtual desktops to cost less than physical machines.
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