VPLEX EMC VPLEX Metro Continuous Operations
Mobility. Availability. Dissolve Distance.



EMC VPLEX Metro delivers availability and data mobility across sites. VPLEX is a continuous availability and data mobility platform that enables mission-critical applications to remain up and running during a variety of planned and unplanned downtime scenarios.

By allowing painless, nondisruptive data migrations, VPLEX enables technologies like VMware, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), and other clusters that were built assuming a single storage instance to function across synchronous distance. Customers can achieve continuous availability and transparent mobility, both locally and over distance, through VPLEX's simultaneous access to storage systems at geographically separate sites.

Designed for 100 percent continuous operations, VPLEX Metro allows you to:

  • Take advantage of advanced data caching and distributed cache coherency that creates a high-availability infrastructure across arrays in a single site or across geographically disperse data centers, with unmatched resiliency and active-active data access, eliminating planned and unplanned downtime for application data.
  • Gain dynamic data mobility, the ability to move applications and data in real time, with no outage required.
  • Meet strict service level agreements (SLAs) that are at or approaching zero recovery point objective (RPO) and zero recovery time objective (RTO).
  • Use EMC RecoverPoint with native-splitter technology for VPLEX Metro, combining the benefits of high availability and disaster recovery in the same deployment.
  • Use MetroPoint topology with RecoverPoint to build a three-site continuous protection and operational recovery solution that protects application data from local and regional events, even through two site failures.
  • Manage heterogeneous block storage from a single interface with EMC Unisphere for VPLEX, which uses the same graphical user interface (GUI) framework as EMC VNX and EMC VMAX platforms, providing a way to simplify, normalize, and consolidate EMC management tools.
  • Create a new approach to ensuring the availability of your applications and data with EMC Continuous Availability Advisory Services, eliminating downtime and reducing operating expense.

VPLEX key use cases:

  • Continuous operations – Enables active/active data centers with zero downtime
  • Migration/tech refresh – Gain accelerated and nondisruptive migrations and technology refresh
  • VMware functionality – Extend VMware functionality across distance while enhancing availability
  • Oracle RAC functionality – Extend ORACLE Real Application Clusters (RAC) and other clusters over distance