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EMC enterprise storage solutions

VMAX 10K/40K VMAX 10K/40K - Enterprise Storage, Virtualization - EMC Powerful. Trusted. Smart.

Accelerate your transformation to the software-defined data center with the world's most powerful, trusted, and smart family of storage products.

EMC VMAX 10K: Powerful, trusted, smart enterprise storage for virtual data centers


Most affordable multicontroller array purpose-built for performance and efficiency to consolidate applications in virtual environments.

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EMC VMAX 40K: Powerful, trusted, smart enterprise storage for virtual data centers


Purpose-built for hybrid cloud environments, providing the industry’s highest levels of consolidation, performance, and scalability.

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VMAX 10K Block and File

VMAX 10K Block and File

Deploy one infrastructure for mission-critical block and file workloads to simplify management and reduce TCO.


Maximum Disk Drives 1,560 3,200
Maximum Flash Drives 1,560 3,200
Usable Capacity 1.5 PB 4 PB (3.5" drives) and 2.8 PB (2.5" drives)
Connectivity 4Gb FC, 8Gb FC, 16Gb FC, 1GbE, 10GbE, 10Gb FCoE, iSCSI 4Gb FC, 8Gb FC, 16Gb FC, FICON, 1GbE, 10GbE, 10Gb FCoE, iSCSI
Front-end Ports 64 128
Local Replication TimeFinder, RecoverPoint TimeFinder, RecoverPoint
Remote Replication SRDF, RecoverPoint SRDF, RecoverPoint
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