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EMC ScaleIO EMC ScaleIO for Databases Elastic, Converged Storage

EMC ScaleIO for Databases

Commonly run in a cluster, databases require a parallel processing environment. Database applications are business-critical and must be highly available, highly performing, resilient, and scalable.

In addition, databases require a storage foundation that provides parallel I/O processing, fault tolerance, and linearly scalable performance. EMC ScaleIO for Databases is the ideal storage system for these requirements.

ScaleIO is based on a scale-out architecture in which each node in the cluster is a compute/storage converged machine. The machines themselves are the same servers that run applications in the data center. Because ScaleIO has minimal central processing unit (CPU) requirements while providing high-performance data services, no additional hardware infrastructure is needed.

ScaleIO features enterprise-grade resilience, linearly scalable performance, and the ability to elastically change the size and structure of the cluster with no impact or downtime on key business applications. Massively parallel I/O processing allows high-performance databases to fully manifest their real time performance.

Learn about an ideal storage foundation for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

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