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Isilon infrastructure software for enterprise data storage
EMC Isilon EMC Isilon SmartConnect Data Protection and Management Software

EMC Isilon SmartConnect

Isilon SmartConnect

EMC Isilon SmartConnect software helps you meet the demands of an always-on, 24x7 world with rapidly growing data storage requirements. With its intelligent, automatic client-connection load balancing and failover capabilities, SmartConnect optimizes storage performance, provides a highly available data environment, and simplifies storage management.

Optimize Performance

SmartConnect automatically rebalances NFS client connections to your Isilon storage cluster and thereby optimizes storage system performance, so you can deliver high performance and a consistently positive user experience.

High Availability

SmartConnect supports dynamic NFS failover for Linux and UNIX clients to prevent interruptions to users and applications. In the event of a node failure, SmartConnect will seamlessly failover across all other nodes in the cluster. This ensures that all in-flight reads and writes are handed off to another node in the cluster to finish operation without any user or application interruption.

Scalability and Simplicity

With SmartConnect, you can easily scale and manage large numbers of clients and nodes in a rapidly growing, computing-intensive environment. Clients and storage nodes can be added and the cluster scaled on the fly while a system is in production, making Isilon with SmartConnect the industry’s most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-manage clustered storage solution.


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