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Isilon infrastructure software for enterprise data storage
EMC Isilon Aspera Enterprise Server for EMC Isilon Data Protection and Management Software

Aspera Enterprise Server for EMC Isilon


Aspera and EMC Isilon have teamed to create the first predictable, non-disruptive, rapid, high-performance file and content delivery solution for moving large files over long distances using wide-area networks (WANs). Aspera Enterprise Server for Isilon runs directly on EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage and provides a cluster-aware version of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology.

Central Performance Control

Automatically spread large file and dataset transfers across the cluster using Aspera’s adaptive rate control, and aggregate bandwidth management capability. “Scale back” transfers across fewer Isilon nodes as content delivery needs shrink in off-peak hours. and reassign nodes to other projects or tasks. Alternately, add bandwidth or capacity to the Isilon cluster without any downtime.

Predictable Large File Transfers

With Aspera Enterprise Server for EMC Isilon, you can predictably complete large file transfers within a given timeframe despite uncertain network conditions and bandwidth capacity. Use Aspera together with EMC Isilon SmartConnect software to create transfer zones where portions of the cluster are dedicated to Aspera clients.

High Availability and Load Balancing

Connect your Aspera fasp clients to the cluster through SmartConnect for protection from potential node or component failures, and achieve load balancing across all active zones during large file transfers.


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