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Redefine the Possible with EMC Flash Technology

EMC—Your most powerful partner in Flash.

Flash technology has become a reliable, revolutionary performance-driving storage option for the most demanding and mission-critical enterprise data sets. Why EMC for Flash? Because EMC leads the industry with a full range of Flash options—ranging from the array to the server—with powerful management software.

Where TO use Flash?

Flash storage provides an order-of-magnitude-better performance than spinning disk drives, reducing latency and increasing throughput. A decision whether and how to use Flash is based on four factors: performance, cost, capacity, and protection. Flash is more expensive than conventional disk drives, but higher performance makes it an economical alternative for the right workloads and use cases.

Hybrid array

The most economical way to deploy Flash is in hybrid or multitier storage arrays combining low-cost, high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) and high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver low storage cost per I/O. Hybrid arrays balance performance and price because a little Flash goes a long way. Common use cases include online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and email applications.

You can configure EMC VNX and EMC VMAX storage arrays in a hybrid fashion.


Server-based Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Flash provides an order-of-magnitude-better application performance over SSDs. For workloads with predictable I/O patterns and small data sets, server flash offers the highest throughput and lowest latency for applications.

You can implement server Flash as a local storage device to accelerate read and write performance. EMC XtremSF’s PCIe Flash hardware is suitable for reporting, analytics, and server consolidation.

Server Flash can also be used as a caching device. EMC offers XtremCache software, which complements hybrid arrays since the cache serves as another performance-enhancing storage tier without compromising protection and availability requirements.


Flash storage is an attractive method for boosting I/O performance in the data center. However, it has always come at a price, both in high costs and loss of capabilities like scalability, high availability, and enterprise features.

XtremIO is a 100 percent flash-based scale-out enterprise storage array that delivers high levels of performance and scalability, and also brings new levels of ease-of-use to storage area network (SAN) arrays while offering advanced features that have never been possible before.

XtremIO’s ground-up all-flash array design was created from the start for maximum performance and consistent, low-latency response times with enterprise-grade, high-availability features, real-time inline data reduction that dramatically lowers costs, and advanced functions such as thin provisioning, tight integration to VMware, and superb data protection.

This is achieved with a competitive cost of ownership. The product architecture addresses all the requirements for flash-based storage including achieving longevity of flash media, lowering the effective cost of flash capacity, delivering performance and scalability, providing operational efficiency and advanced storage array functionality.

Your First Step

To get started with Flash, ask EMC to help you tailor a solution to your circumstances. EMC gives you the flexibility to deploy Flash where needed across your ecosystem depending on your performance, cost, capacity, and protection requirements.

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