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Information-centric Security for Retail

Protect the integrity and confidentiality of your business and customer information throughout its lifecycle.

The EMC Information-centric Security for Retail solution helps you protect the integrity and confidentiality of your business and customer information throughout its lifecycle. With EMC Information-centric Security Solutions for Retail, you can be confident in the integrity of your data—no matter where it moves, who accesses it, or how it is used. We can design solutions to meet your specific needs—including assuring identity, controlling access, encryption, managing keys, maintaining compliance, and protecting against fraud. Our solutions cover all retail segments, including grocery, food service, department, specialty, and service providers.

Key Benefits

  • Workforce access — Control access to sales receipts and sensitive information with EMC’s two-factor authentication technology. No password and authentication token means no access.

  • Lower security administration costs — Centralize administration while disabling lost or compromised security keys right from headquarters, reducing security management costs.

  • Data security — Secure your company-wide e-mail so competitors can’t hack into your staff’s creative ideas, sales, and pricing promotion plans.

  • Optimized procurement cycles — Shorten the time it takes to procure, finalize contracts, and replenish inventory with EMC’s RSA Digital Signature technologies.

  • RFID deployment — Navigate the risk factors in order to successfully deploy radio frequency identification (RFID) with the help of EMC RSA Professional Services.

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