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Frequent Shopper Application Processing

Capture and process new frequent shopper applications and customer information with this powerful solution.

Frequent Shopper Application Processing solutions help you capture and process new customer account applications for your frequent shopper program. EMC and partners offer Frequent Shopper Application Processing solutions that provide a comprehensive, InputAccel-based offering designed for food/grocery stores, merchants, specialty boutiques, department stores, and other retailers. Convert paper records into digital files and store them in a single content repository. Analyze buyer shopping history captured at the point of sale, generate more targeted promotions, drive increased sales, and optimize inventory positions in your stores.

Key Benefits

  • Digital application processing — Convert paper-based applications to digital format to more easily manage processing and avoid application misplacement or loss.

  • Customer satisfaction — Institute a workflow and document archiving process so customers receive their loyalty cards more quickly, giving them an improved customer experience and building store loyalty.

  • Winning promos — Aggregate customer demographic information, by physical store location and/or across geography—for more targeted merchandise programs and promotions.

  • Central data repository — Store customer information once in an EMC Documentum-based content management repository.

  • Cross-store information view — Support your company’s strategic decision-making by providing corporate officers and managers with access to the same information.

EMC will help you build your solution with the following products, services, and partners:
  • Captiva Capture - Automate the capture of paper and electronic documents with EMC Captiva Capture, intelligent capture for the enterprise.
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