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Data Analytics Infrastructure

Capture and analyze consumer and buying data—for one store or your entire retail chain.

Descriptive Information

EMC’s Data Analytics Infrastructure solution helps you harness and leverage customer data. Whether you need an appliance-based data mart or an enterprise-wide data warehouse, EMC Data Analytics Infrastructure solutions give you the hardware, software, and services to meet your requirements. And we have proven relationships with leading BI, database, and CRM vendors—including Microsoft, NCR, Teradata, SAP, Oracle, Cognos, SAS, and Brio.

Key Benefits

  • Legacy data support — Siphon data from multiple sources and start gaining a clearer picture of your customers’ buying behaviors and product preferences.

  • Customer focus — Consolidate and deliver critical data to your business analysts—wherever they are located—and free your store employees to focus on customers.

  • Data consistency — Cleanse data across multiple data sets to cut costs and improve accuracy.

  • Enhanced reporting — Standardize your process and make more consistent decisions.

  • Market-basket analysis — Analyze cross-selling, up-selling, and other opportunities, quickly and easily.

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