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Consolidation and Virtualization for Retail

Consolidate and virtualize your retail IT infrastructure to increase efficiency and cut costs.

The EMC Consolidation and Virtualization for Retail solution can help you eliminate inefficiencies within your current retail IT infrastructure caused by years of growth and expansion. It can also help you build an efficient information infrastructure from scratch to support your new retail business. Lower your information infrastructure costs via data center consolidation and server and storage virtualization.

Key Benefits

  • New applications — Bring new retail applications online quickly with a scalable, flexible information infrastructure that can support many stores but be managed centrally.

  • TCO and energy costs — Reduce your company’s total cost of operation (TCO) with increased automation, datacenter consolidation, and lower energy costs.

  • Customer satisfaction — Serve your customers faster and with better quality because realtime retail information is available instantly, across your business.

  • Lower capital expenses — Avoid or delay the need to procure additional server capacity.

  • Reduced store footprint — Reduce the cost of floor space, which can mean significant cost savings in high-rent locations, by consolidating physical data centers through the power of VMware-based virtualization.

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