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Information Rights Management for Public Sector

Decide who can view, copy, print, and forward documents for total control over proprietary information.

Descriptive Information

Information Rights Management for Public Sector solutions enable agencies to control, protect, and secure information that is shared both within the agency and with outside constituencies. EMC and partners offer Information Rights Management solutions that enable you to define and change user permissions, recall documents, automatically expire information, set security policies, and dynamically control information by deciding who can and cannot view, copy, print, and forward documents.

Key Benefits

  • Accredited security — Implement organization-wide policies that use a platform with National Information Assurance Partnership accreditation.

  • Interagency collaboration — Promote secure inter-agency collaboration and workflows with tools to manage hierarchical and nonhierarchical information classifications.

  • Advanced capabilities — Get extensible, easy-to-use tools (mandatory access control, repository encryption, and document encryption), information rights management (IRM), electronic signatures, and digital shredding.

  • Controlled information access — Manage access to documents—and the security of encrypted documents—after they have been delivered.

  • Controlled information use — Control whether authorized recipients can view, forward, copy, print, or edit information, and manage document expiration.

  • Audit trail — Provide real-time tracking on document activity (track what pages were viewed, by whom, when, from where, for how long, and whether they were printed).

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