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Claims Management for Healthcare Payers

Streamline claims processing, speed access to customer information, and ensure privacy.

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Claims Management for Healthcare Payers solutions streamline claims processing, speed access to customer information, and ensure the security of private medical information. EMC and partners offer Claims Management for Healthcare Payers solutions that reduce the labor costs associated with processing covered lives claims, utilize a single platform for all incoming data sources, automatically route claims for review and approval, and increase the accuracy and timeliness of payments. Shrink your paper storage and document retrieval costs while complying with regulatory standards including HIPAA.

Key Benefits

  • Automation — Automate manual tasks and deploy a single input management platform to manage all incoming information systems.

  • Forms processing — Streamline and accelerate the processing of explanation of benefit (EOB) forms, reduce errors, and minimize manual intervention.

  • Streamlined business processes — Provide seamless integration between data from transactional systems and a full view of all supporting documentation such as e-mails, images, records, and correspondence.

  • Access to customer information — Quickly retrieve accurate, up-to-date customer information and respond quickly to customer inquiries.

  • Compliance — Ensure that processes are controlled, and resulting documentation is retained and archived in compliance with government and company policies.

  • Integration — Integrate seamlessly with all enterprise applications for increased operational performance and accelerated ROI.

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