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Agent, Broker, and Customer Portal Publishing

Streamline the development, management, and compliance of websites and portals with a unified infrastructure.

Agent, Broker, and Customer Portal Publishing solutions enable you to streamline the development, management, and compliance of your websites and portals. EMC and partners offer Agent, Broker, and Customer Portal Publishing solutions that enable you to manage the content, underlying structure and publishing process for websites and portals—all on a consolidated infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Self-service — Enable agents, brokers and customers to easily serve themselves, find information about your offerings, and initiate applications and claims via the web.

  • Easy-to-use tools — Allow non-technical users to design sites and portlets, and create and update content through a variety of authoring options and templates.

  • Regulatory compliance — Use automated workflow and templates to ensure compliance with regulations.

  • Brand consistency — Use templates to ensure consistent branding and user experience across channels and web properties.

  • Multi-channel publishing — Publish from a singe user interface and content management infrastructure to all your web properties, including public websites, portals, intranets, and mobile devices.

  • Content reuse — Deploy original content to multiple formats, including documents, XML, digital assets, and records.

  • Centralized administration — Provide robust capabilities to set policies, schedule publishing, roll back and archive content, and manage taxonomies and content—all faster and smarter.

  • Web sprawl — Manage global, highly available, and distributed multi-site environments using a single platform. Make multi-site updates on-the-fly via XML template-based contributions.

  • Globalization — Manage multilingual sites with an internationalized solution that features clients in seven languages, powerful fallback rules, and local management capabilities.

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