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Core IP Network Management

Reduce complexity, support process initiatives, and prioritize per business impact.

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EMC Core IP Network Management solutions manage IP network availability and performance using service-oriented solutions. With EMC Core IP Network Management solutions, you simplify complexity, automatically adapt to change, support process initiatives, and prioritize based on business impact. As you extend IP infrastructure investments and expand IP-based services, these service-oriented solutions allow you to manage and cross-correlate IP convergence, availability, and performance, end-to-end, holistically, automatically, and in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time analysis — Identify root-cause problems immediately in IP and related networks, and automatically calculate impact on services.

  • Service protection — Find and fix the root cause of problems that matter, before they impact IP-related services.

  • Scalability — Easily deploy new IP-based services and networks using solutions that can handle growth and complexity.

  • Automation — Improve availability, performance, and productivity by automating discovery, modeling, root-cause and impact analysis, and event correlation.

  • Seamless integration — Leverage existing investments by integrating the solution with management tools already in place.

  • Abstraction — Gain insight into status, relationships, behaviors, and interactions of infrastructure components, applications, and services.

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