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Aerospace and Defense

Speed product development, increase efficiency, enhance supplier collaboration, ensure compliance, and more.

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EMC Aerospace and Defense solutions help you to implement changes and respond to issues in real time. With Aerospace and Defense solutions, you meet the strictest military and government regulations for security, quality, and compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Profitable and rapid product development — Implement changes and respond to issues in real time while enabling sales and engineering teams to create proposals and rapidly negotiate contracts.

  • Technical and engineering content management — Effectively manage complex technical documentation and rapidly assimilate engineering specification changes.

  • Regulatory compliance — Meet all of the strictest military and government regulations for security, quality, and compliance.

  • High availability — Use EMC monitoring, restart, and replication functionality to ensure high availability of all your mission-critical business applications.


Engineering and New Product Development

  • Engineering and New Product Development for Manufacturing and High Tech — Enable secure sharing of intellectual property with design partners and suppliers through each phase — requirements, analysis, proposals, design, product requirements documents, and more.

  • Technical Publishing — Develop, distribute, repurpose, and manage all print and web documentation for your products and their ongoing maintenance including full support for the S1000D standard.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  • Information Lifecycle for PLM — Manage product data, meet service-level requirements, and migrate data across storage tiers throughout the PLM data lifecycle.

  • Plant and Facilities Management — Share facility information such as computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, specifications, contracts, invoices, environmental analysis, inspection reports, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • OSHA and ISO 9000 Programs — Effectively manage all OSHA and ISO 9000 programs on a global basis. Speed setup of program processes and documentation with templates and collaborative team workspaces and keep projects on track via management dashboards.

Information Infrastructure

  • ITAR and EAR Compliance — Provide International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)- and Export Administration Regulations (EAR)-compliant security for confidential information wherever it resides—in the repository, downloaded to a laptop, or in transit such as e-mail.

  • Solutions for SAP — Improve system availability, minimize disruptions, and streamline your SAP production environment. Improve decision-making by integrating unstructured content with your SAP environment.

  • Compliance and eDiscovery — Meet the strictest International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements for information retention, audit trails, and control of documents, process, security, and access.

  • Information Security — Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and access control of all types of information throughout its lifecycle.

  • Backup, Recovery, and Archiving — Replicate and recover data to provide stronger information protection and enable compliance with regulations and corporate policies.

  • Application High Availability for Manufacturing — Ensure high availability of mission-critical business applications, replicate data to local or remote locations, and monitor your applications, services, and servers in the event of automated failover and business restart for scheduled or unscheduled outages.

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