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Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Manage risk and deliver success in your front, middle, and back office operations.

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The EMC Investment Banking and Capital Markets solutions target customer centricity, risk management, compliance, and business and IT efficiencies. Our Investment Banking and Capital Markets solutions allow you to drive down your costs, improve your time to market, increase revenue generation, and address your regulatory requirements. As a strategic global advisor to the industry, EMC brings your organization market-leading expertise that you can leverage to sharpen your competitive edge.

Key Benefits

  • Customer centricity — Deliver multichannel services, create new capabilities for wealth management, and drive customer satisfaction.

  • Risk management and compliance — Prevent fraud, secure data, address regulatory requirements, and improve business intelligence and analytics.

  • Business efficiencies — Improve equities and derivatives operations and support programmatic and algorithmic low latency trading.

  • IT efficiencies — Improve systems integrations and data center migration and consolidation, virtualization, and green IT when you use the Investment Banking and Capital Markets solutions.


Core Investment Banking and Capital Markets Processes

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Information Infrastructure

  • Backup, Recovery, and Archiving — Proactively manage your securities information to meet more stringent data recovery requirements and strengthen data protection, while significantly reducing costs.

  • Business Continuity and Availability — Ensure continuous availability of information through a comprehensive suite of replication strategies and technologies.

  • Infrastructure Consolidation and Optimization — Optimize your data center, network, and storage while maximizing your IT resource allocation and use.

  • Mail and Messaging — Improve the operational efficiency of your messaging environment, automate e-mail retention and disposal policies, and reduce the cost and risk of legal discovery.

  • Virtualizing Information Infrastructure — Increase the utilization of your servers, files, and block storage through the use of virtualization technology.

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