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Energy Efficiency

Maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure uninterrupted operations of your IT infrastructure.

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EMC Energy Efficiency Solutions help today’s data centers face critical energy issues: power and cooling limitations, high energy demands and costs, and even outages from overburdened power grids. EMC Energy Efficiency Solutions offer the advanced products, tools, and services you need to optimize energy efficiency in your data center.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient storage platforms — EMC storage platforms are designed to consume less energy per terabyte than alternative solutions.

  • Virtualization — Optimize EMC virtualization solutions such as VMware to consolidate servers by a 20:1 ratio, increasing capacity utilization and eliminating unnecessary infrastructure.

  • Data and file mobility — Use software such as EMC EmailXtender, DatabaseXtender, and DiskXtender to move data seamlessly to the right level of storage, enabling efficient tiered storage that saves power.

  • Backup, recovery and archiving — Move data from your production environment to cost-effective, energy efficient archives.

EMC will help you build your solution with the following products, services, and partners:
  • Green IT Consulting - Design infrastructure to reduce energy, environmental, and infrastructure footprint, plan for future growth, and leverage sustainability best practices.
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