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Heterogeneous Data Replication

Protect data consistently on heterogeneous server, network, and storage infrastructures.

EMC Heterogeneous Data Replication solutions help minimize your exposure to data loss from a disaster and quickly restore applications upon recovery. With EMC’s Heterogeneous Data Replication solutions, you’ll protect multiple host operating systems across heterogeneous storage platforms as you reduce total cost of ownership. Deploy a uniform, scalable, consistent approach to meeting service-level requirements for recovery time and data loss.

Key Benefits

  • Data protection for heterogeneous environments — Deliver a single business continuity solution with guaranteed consistency across heterogeneous servers, networks, and storage.

  • Consistent recovery for tiered storage — Consolidate protection across multiple tiers of a storage environment with a consistent data protection and recovery strategy.

  • Reduced costs — Lower disaster recovery costs by leveraging tiered storage at remote disaster recovery sites while significantly lowering telecommunications costs with wide area network bandwidth.

  • Scalable performance — Provide robust disaster recovery with scalable asynchronous remote replication targeted specifically at heterogeneous storage and server environments.

  • Flexible recovery management — Recover locally to any point in time with continuous data protection (CDP), and remotely to specific point in time with continuous remote replication (CRR).

  • Faster application recovery — Leverage integration with your key enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and VMware virtual infrastructure.

EMC will help you build your solution with the following products, services, and partners:
  • RecoverPoint - Intelligent network-based continuous replication enabling point-in-time application recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.
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