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Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Data Computing Solutions

Manage exploding data volumes and evolving analytic needs to deliver timely, relevant insight across the business.

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EMC Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Data Computing Solutions can help your IT organization deal effectively with increasing demands for timely, relevant insight and big data challenges.

With EMC Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Data Computing Solutions you can take your environment to the next level—whether you need deeper insight into your data, enhanced performance, or more protection. EMC provides a consolidated, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure so you can manage and analyze exploding data volumes while increasing performance and information protection.

Key Benefits

  • Increased performance — Meet increasing demands for performance and capacity using cost-effective industry building blocks.

  • Improved availability — Protect your information with high availability, advanced backup/restore, business continuity, and security.

  • Reduced TCO — Balance cost and performance with tiered storage—from fast Flash drives to low-cost SATA drives and spin-down.

  • Partnership with industry leaders — Leverage EMC partnerships with all major vendors for dependable, efficient solutions that are fully supported.

  • Appliance simplicity — Easy to deploy and manage; dramatically simplifies your data warehouse and analytics infrastructure.

  • Rapid deployment — Fast time-to-value for important business intelligence and analytic initiatives that impact your bottom line.

EMC will help you build your solution with the following products, services, and partners:
  • Greenplum Chorus - Empower your data science teams with a productivity engine to more easily collaborate and derive insight from their data.
  • Greenplum Data Computing Appliance - Leverage a unified big data analytics appliance for structured data, unstructured data, and Greenplum partner applications such as business intelligence and extract, transform and load (ETL) via high-speed, high-performance, low-latency interconnect.
  • Greenplum Database - Leverage an industry-leading massively parallel processing (MPP) database, built to support the next generation of big data warehousing and analytics, capable of storing and analyzing multiple petabytes of data.
  • Greenplum HD - Enable innovations such as real-time data interaction, greater reliability, and easier Hadoop deployment and use with Greenplum HD Enterprise and Community Editions.
  • RecoverPoint - Intelligent network-based continuous replication enabling point-in-time application recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.
  • RSA Key Manager with Application Encryption - Encrypt sensitive data at the point of capture and centralize the provisioning and lifecycle management of encryption keys.
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