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The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice provides services that unify an organization’s security strategy, operations, and technology implementations. It delivers actionable security plans that help enhance readiness, accelerate response, and improve resilience against advanced threats. The practice delivers:

Readiness Services

    • Simulation and testing of attack and response techniques
    • Reviews core aspects of incident-response capabilities
    • Provides gap analysis, remediation recommendations, and maturity scorecard as well as workshops on incident response
  • RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Breach Readiness Assessment
    • A proactive assessment of readiness to respond to a breach
    • Provides a comprehensive review of current state of readiness across eight key domains of a security operations program

Response Services

  • RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Incident Response Retainer Service
    • A proactive offering for retaining RSA in advance for incident-response services
    • Provides initial assessment of situation with recommended next steps
    • Aggressive SLAs and direct access to RSA incident-response expertise
  • RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Incident Discovery and Response Services
    • A reactive breach-response service offering or a proactive investigative-discovery offering
    • Provides tactical insight into activities taking place on systems
    • Leverages RSA Security Analytics and RSA ECAT technologies as tools to assist the investigation

Resiliency Services

  • RSA NEXTGEN Security Operations Center services
    • Provides advice on how to build and improve a SOC or equivalent security-monitoring function
    • Delivers a repeatable and sustainable service-delivery framework to transform a current security-monitoring program from purely reactive to a proactive, intelligence-driven model.
    • Offers a systematic approach to help security analysts make near-real-time decisions on threats

Additional service offerings of the practice are:

  • RSA Strategy for Breach Management
  • RSA Assessment for Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • RSA Assessment for Identity Infrastructure Information


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