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Enterprise Content Management Services

Increase the intelligence of your enterprise information assets.
Enterprise Content Management Services

Effective content management requires a cohesive design for capturing, managing, delivering, protecting, and archiving information assets for end users. Business value is achieved by reducing redundancy to lower storage costs, defining common classifications to facilitate shared access, and automating operational processes to improve productivity.

What we deliver
  • Document capture services that speed intelligent assets to your business operations.
  • Content management services to streamline information exchange among business users.
  • Document generation that provides personalized business information to attract and retain customers.
  • Security and archiving processes to protect business assets and enhance storage efficiency.

Assessment services for defining enterprise content management strategies

A sound Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy begins with careful review of the platforms, processes, and policies that drive your business. An ECM assessment examines the capture, management, delivery, protection, and archiving of all information assets. Our ECM Roadmap Study aligns your content management strategy and processes to meet your business objectives.

Design and implementation services for delivering enterprise content management solutions

Successful deployments align Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy and business goals, providing a roadmap for design, implementation, change management, and support of your content management solution across the enterprise. Our ECM Roadmap Study examines the stages and operations impacting your business content to enhance the real value of those assets to your business.

Migration services for consolidating enterprise content management solutions

Business assets may be managed by separate solutions, creating redundancy and inefficient information exchange between users. Our content and application migration services define optimum distribution and classification schemes to increase information value, business process efficiency, and user productivity, while reducing total cost of ownership.

Optimizing and validating enterprise content management solutions to enhance business value

Productivity and compliance can be adversely affected by a poorly designed content management solution. Services such as performance tuning, architecture review, and process analysis help ensure that the capture, delivery, protection, and storage of information assets meets and maintains business and regulatory standards.

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