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Optimization and Validation Services

Maximize the efficiency of your information infrastructure.
Optimization and Validation Services

Optimization and Validation Services bridge the gap between implementation and operational efficiency. Utilizing EMC’s best-practices and experience, our professional services engineers can help you optimize and customize your information infrastructure post-deployment to meet any business requirement.

What we deliver
  • Recommendations to optimize the performance, reliability, and scalability of your information infrastructure.
  • Detailed analysis and validation of the health of your deployment.
  • Expert guidance and operational best practices to maximize efficiency.
  • Customized solutions that tightly integrate with your IT applications, systems, and processes.

Optimization and validation services for enterprise content management

Productivity and compliance can be adversely affected by an inefficient content management solution. Services such as performance management, architecture audits, and process analysis can sustain the efficiency of an enterprise content management solution and ensure the capture, delivery, protection, and storage of information assets meet business and regulatory standards.

Optimization and validation services for information protection

Optimization and Validation services for backup and recovery include EMC Operational Assurance services that bridge the gap between implementation and operational self-sufficiency. EMC also offers Health Check services that provide comprehensive evaluations and a corrective action plan for your backup and recovery environment.

Optimization and validation services for resource management

Evaluate the performance and health of your existing IT management solution and implement changes to improve operational efficiency. Our technical experts can also provide advanced customization services for tighter integration with other management frameworks and applications. This helps you consolidate operations and improve visibility.

Optimization and validation services for tiered storage

Keeping storage infrastructure operating at peak performance and efficiency is an ongoing process. Tiered storage Health Checks proactively identify availability, capacity, and configuration issues to keep your information infrastructure operating at peak performance, allowing you to efficiently manage ongoing business and data center changes.

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