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Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Organizations achieve the most effective business resilience and data protection by taking an information-centric approach that aligns solutions with their business objectives. We can help you understand how to leverage advanced technologies to address increasingly stringent availability requirements for both business and IT.

EMC Consulting business continuity and data protection experts meet your needs by:

  • Planning for business resilience.
  • Enabling disaster recovery.
  • Backing up and recovering critical information.
  • Sustaining business continuity.
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EMC Consulting assures that computing assets are architected to support the resiliency requirements of the business. All applications and technologies that comprise the application architecture recovery fall into one of two classifications: operational recovery and disaster recovery.

EMC Consulting provides services for both operational and disaster recovery. We enable you to meet your recovery goals by building disaster recovery plans for your infrastructure, policies, and processes.

We help you:

  • Assess your recovery posture.
  • Prepare a recovery service catalog to align your business needs with service levels.
  • Create high-level architectures for your environment.
  • Develop operational and disaster recovery plans.
  • Efficiently test disaster recovery procedures.
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EMC has more than 15 years of experience in backup, recovery, and archiving—plus the industry’s widest range of enterprise solutions. We design and develop cost-effective strategies tailored to your specific service level and cost requirements.

EMC Consulting helps you:

  • Assess your backup and archiving posture, policies, and process.
  • Prepare a recovery service catalog to align solutions to your business needs.
  • Create high-level architectures for your environment.
  • Develop a business case to illustrate costs and estimated savings.
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When it comes to maintaining the continuation of business operations, EMC Consulting has the experience to assist you with understanding and managing the process required to keep your employees productive even when a disaster threatens your business.

An outage to your business may come in one of many forms—it could be an application failure caused by bad weather, a loss of power to your primary work location, or something worse. Business continuity planning focuses on the people and processes of your business and helps them be prepared to assure that your business continues its operations when a major disruption occurs.

EMC Consulting has the expertise to help you:

  • Assess business continuity programs and measure their impact on business functions.
  • Develop strategy alternatives with a supporting business case.
  • Create, test, and validate recovery plans.
  • Provide ongoing program metrics, management, and reporting.



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