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Desktop as a Service Assessment

Descriptive Info

A successful Desktop as a Service (DaaS) strategy starts with a clear understanding of user, workgroup, and business requirements rather than focusing exclusively on a total cost of ownership analysis. EMC’s Desktop as a Service Assessment concentrates on real-world usage analysis and the overall challenges to your organization.


From operating system image creation and lifecycle management to application compatibility, packaging, and distribution, client infrastructure has become complex to manage. One way to address these challenges is to implement Desktop as a Service as part of a desktop provisioning and management strategy.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting’s onsite assessment evaluates constraints and dependencies across your desktop applications and infrastructure, providing the information necessary to scope and plan your virtual environment. We will:

  • Review desktop strategy, use cases, and business requirements.
  • Capture and evaluate the makeup and configuration of the distinct components that together produce the user’s experience.
  • Install data gathering tools and analyze the data gathered.
  • Evaluate the current environment and IT processes against business objectives.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC’s Desktop as a Service Assessment ensures that your organization is prepared to realize the advantages of deploying desktop virtualization. The engagement will help you:

  • Align business and IT expectations.
  • Incorporate real-world results from actual users and actual desktop systems.
  • Identify the impacts to risk, disaster recovery, user experience, and data security.
  • Plan the physical infrastructure required to enable desktop virtualization.
  • Rationalize, integrate, and automate desktop management processes.

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