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EMC Cloud Advisory with Cloud Optimizer

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The EMC Cloud Advisory Service gives you a roadmap to achieve the cloud vision that’s right for your organization – from pervasive virtualization to IT-as-a-Service and federation with public clouds.

We work with you to set strategy, develop the business case, define the architecture, and build governance models to achieve operational excellence in your cloud approach. 

Our innovative approach featuring EMC Cloud Optimizer balances private, public, and hybrid cloud options based on economics, functionality, and trust – identifying savings of up to 25 percent of IT budgets.


Deploying a cloud strategy requires an approach that takes advantage of the opportunities for virtualization and federation. Beyond IT efficiency, the cloud can dramatically improve business agility. 

Your challenges include:

  • Developing a business case for cloud computing
  • Designing a cloud architecture that’s efficient and scalable across legacy IT data and public cloud providers
  • Balancing cloud vision with pragmatic choices based on trust, functionality, and economics
  • Defining placement of application workloads in an optimal cloud model

Our Approach

EMC Cloud Advisory Service develops a cloud strategy to maximize cost savings and business agility. EMC Cloud Optimizer balances legacy IT and cloud models based on trust, functionality, and economics.

The EMC Cloud Advisory Service with Cloud Optimizer:

  • Creates a business case for the value of cloud including CAPEX and OPEX
  • Defines IT costs based on information workloads for true cost insights
  • Establishes benchmarks to measure information assets based on industry and organization-centric trust measurements
  • Creates a transformational plan for people, process, and technology required for you to move to a cloud model.

Measurable Outcomes

The EMC Cloud Advisory Service helps you advance on your strategic journey to the enterprise-ideal cloud. An engagement will help you gain:

  • Insight into your cloud maturity for people, process, and technology
  • Accurate measurement of costs by application workload
  • A business case for cloud value including CAPEX and OPEX
  • A roadmap for your organizational and architectural journey to the cloud

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