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Achieving Operational Excellence
Achieving Operational Excellence

Inefficient business processes, information silos, and the limitations of disconnected legacy systems hinder the performance of even the best-intentioned organizations.

EMC Consulting deals with these challenges by analyzing operations, redefining processes, integrating and streamlining information flows, and automating solutions. These methods optimize operational performance and provide:

  • Increased and predictable throughput
  • Improved quality
  • Shortened lead times
  • Lowered costs
  • Improved customer experience
Drive Competitive Advantage through Operational Excellence

Operational excellence helps achieve business goals while lowering costs and improving cycle times. It standardizes processes and integrates operations across multiple channels of supply and distribution, supporting high-volume, low-margin business strategies.

Our Perspective

EMC Consulting takes a comprehensive view of the value chain to remove bottlenecks and low-value tasks. Regardless of which methodology you use – Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, or others – you need a solution that fits your business needs and culture.

Engaging stakeholders at every stage in the process is crucial to reaching that solution. Business process improvements must also involve knowledge transfer, personnel training, clear communications, and an alignment of metrics.

What We Offer
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  • ECM Strategy Services
  • ECM Process Automation
  • Enterprise Contracts Management
Strengthen Your Information Value Chain

Your business requires a constant flow of information to run efficiently, but the nature, quality, and availability of information changes at every stage in its lifecycle. An examination of business processes to improve operational efficiency must consider the source, organization, availability, security, and disposition of the information required to run your business.

Our Perspective

A cross-organizational view of your information assets and their business contexts reveals how information is exchanged throughout its lifecycle. It enables you to eliminate redundancy and the segregation of content that increases operational costs.

EMC categorizes and maintains critical information assets within a unified content management platform, aligning information with your operations at the appropriate lifecycle stages. This approach streamlines business processes and reduces information overhead.

What We Offer
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  • ECM Strategy
  • ECM Application Integration
  • Content and Information Management
Increase Productivity

Companies become more productive and respond faster to marketplace changes when their business processes are streamlined. These processes are often driven by compliance laws and quality initiatives. Years of implementing point applications for functions such as ERP, CRM, billing, and procurement have made it increasingly difficult for companies to effectively automate business processes that span the organization.

Our Perspective

You can create agile business processes by breaking down massive applications into separate business services. These processes can be automated and managed to be resilient to changes in technology.

EMC’s innovative approach to business process automation helps companies improve agility and interoperability by implementing business processes as collections of services. These services can be easily reconfigured and reused in different scenarios as your needs and the marketplace change.

Our team of designers and strategists work with you to plan and implement a solution. We leverage best practices and reusable components, provide industry expertise, and align stakeholders through an inclusive, iterative design process.

What We Offer
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  • Business Process Management
  • ECM Process Automation
  • Industry Solutions Engineering
  • Application Integration/SOA
Maximize Operational Efficiency

The funding of IT by different applications and business functions frequently results in disconnected infrastructure silos. Operational processes and skill sets often fail to capture and leverage best practices across the enterprise. For many organizations, a shrinking pool of senior IT staff and a lack of identified best practices make this problem worse.

Our Perspective

EMC Consulting recommends a different approach. We set standards for your IT operations to maximize the efficiency of your information infrastructure. We assess the maturity of your IT operations according to standard industry models and determine the highest-impact focus for process and skill improvements.

Leveraging industry best practices and frameworks, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), to design and document IT operational processes and procedural run books captures the knowledge of your most skilled and experienced practitioners. It also provides the basis for developing these skills throughout your team. Companies that leverage industry best practices gain further efficiencies by automating low-level IT functions, allowing IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

What We Offer
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  • Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization
  • IT Service Management Consulting
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