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				  IT Service Management Consulting
IT Service Management Consulting

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EMC IT Service Management Consulting improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations to handle today’s rapidly growing enterprise information. We have helped hundreds of enterprises around the world define service catalogs, rationalize and refine processes, and redesign IT organizations.


Enterprise IT organizations are expected to become strategic partners to the business. To do this, they must focus less on technology, but still handle a rapidly increasing volume of information cost-effectively.

We help your IT organization:

  • Improve process and staff efficiencies to manage rapidly growing information.
  • Align capacity, costs, and service levels to business requirements.
  • Leverage skills and best practices across enterprise applications.
  • Allocate costs based on staff and resources consumed.
  • Support compliance, security, and data protection reliably.

Our Approach

Our proven approach to IT Service Management addresses people, process, and technology by combining international standards such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) with best practices derived from hundreds of engagements.

We work with you to:

  • Develop a service-oriented infrastructure with an enterprise service catalog and aligned applications.
  • Optimize data center processes, organization, and financial management.
  • Create a data management strategy to classify critical data, align applications to service tiers, and automate information handling.

Measurable Outcomes

We help your IT organization to:

  • Reduce operational costs by an average of 15 percent.
  • Increase storage utilization to more than 70 percent.
  • Align service levels with business requirements.
  • Improve your ability to manage more information without increasing staff.
  • Increase the value of information by making it available, re-usable, and secure.


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