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				  Backup and Recovery Consulting
Backup and Recovery Consulting

Descriptive Info

EMC Consulting helps you meet required critical storage service levels at the right cost. Gain detailed insights into your current backup and recovery processes and identify opportunities to improve your strategy by utilizing next-generation technologies.


Information continues to grow at rates that challenge your IT infrastructure. Challenges that impede your ability to protect critical business information may include:

  • Pressure of transformation versus business as usual, stretching the IT organization too thin.
  • Inefficient and inflexible traditional backup operations.
  • Data growth, which typically represents a factor of 4 to 30 times production capacity.
  • Server consolidation that creates high server utilization, leaving little bandwidth for backup.

Our Approach

EMC Backup and Recovery Consulting uses a combination of software tools, workshops, and interviews to analyze your business and IT requirements and define your backup and recovery needs. We recommend a strategy to:

  • Document and test your processes for recovering data in the event of a disaster even in fully virtualized environments.
  • Define processes and deploy tools to automate those processes for operational recovery of data day-to-day.
  • Develop an archive process based on business requirements for long-term storage of data.
  • Leverage next-generation backup and recovery tools to speed private cloud adoption.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Backup and Recovery Consulting services enable:

  • Quicker backups and restores
  • Significantly faster adoption rate of new deduplication technology
  • Reduced costs in the backup environment

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