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EMC Consulting has the deep and diverse industry expertise to help you demystify the complexities of compliance. Our lawyers, compliance experts, and business leaders develop strategic compliance programs that minimize risk while achieving business objectives.

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EMC Consulting brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to compliance management. We help you achieve business benefits while reducing compliance risk. Our consultants understand the myriad of laws, regulations and standards that apply to your business.

EMC knows your industry and can deliver cost-effective, large-scale compliance programs suited to your compliance risk profile. We apply best practices to:

  • Assure product and process quality.
  • Improve consistency.
  • Utilize resources and technology more effectively.
  • Prevent the risks of penalties.

EMC Consulting helps organizations realize business value from corporate compliance programs and controls. We offer unique expertise in integrating compliance, business processes, and technology solutions.

Our compliance and industry-focused consultants:

  • Identify requirements to meet corporate compliance goals.
  • Define key policies and organization stewardship.
  • Deploy best practice process improvements.
  • Ensure compliance through appropriate policies, procedures, and validation systems.
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EMC consultants have expertise in both legal and technology disciplines, often bridging the gap between Legal and IT. Our consultants include lawyers, compliance experts, certified project managers, Six Sigma belts and business leaders. All are invaluable assets when dealing with compliance and e-discovery initiatives and challenges such as:

  • Exploding amounts of e-mail.
  • Mapping of unstructured data.
  • Litigation preparedness.
  • Records retention policy development and implementation.
  • Backup tape remediation.
  • Communication between Legal and IT departments.
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  • Achieving Operational Excellence
    Remove inefficient business processes, information silos, and the limitations of disconnected legacy systems hindering performance.


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